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iProov wins Best Biometric Solution at 2021 Cyber Security Global Excellence Awards

March 11 2021

iProov has been crowned the Gold Winner of Best Biometric Solution at the 2021 Cyber Security Global Excellence Awards. We won the award for our patented Genuine Presence Assurance technology, which enables organizations to onboard and authenticate customers securely and effortlessly. 

2020 proved that online identity verification is a necessity in our digital-first world. And so, iProov rose to the challenge: last year, the number of people authenticating with iProov grew by over 549%

We were recognized for our role in providing services for organizations such as the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the UK Home Office, GovTech Singapore, and the UK National Health Service (NHS).

iProov replaces the need for an in-person identity check, enhancing security and convenience. Our technology defends against a wide range of biometric attack vectors, from presentation attacks (the use of photographs, masks, or replayed video presented to the device to spoof the system) to more sophisticated and highly scalable threats (like digital injection attacks using replayed or synthetic video, including deepfakes).

What are the Cyber Security Global Excellence Awards?

The Cyber Security Global Excellence Awards are run by the Globee Business Awards to promote outstanding achievement in digital security and information technology across the world. In the Biometric Solution category, the judges search particularly for advanced and ground-breaking products that are setting new standards in biometric technology. 

This was the 17th annual installment of the Cyber Security Global Excellence Awards, and iProov’s first time winning (but surely not the last!)

Want to know more about how your organization could benefit from iProov’s face verification technology? Book a demo today. Alternatively, here are two pieces of content we think you’ll enjoy:

  • Hear our Chief Technology Officer, Dominic Forrest, talk about how our global active threat management system, iSOC, works.
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