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Finovate Europe 2017 Roundup

February 14 2017

Two very exciting days at Finovate Europe in London for the iProov team:

Our first live demonstration was of the BT Agile Bank prototype app, which is currently in BT’s Innovation Showcase in Adastral Park. Here, the iProov SDK was seamlessly integrated into the banking app for simple and secure account login purposes. It then repelled an attack with a retina video of Matthew blinking and smiling.

Mobile iOS data vault application FaceCrypt was demonstrated next. This app, which is available on the App Store today, uses iProov to protect access to sensitive personal data such as passwords and credit card numbers.

The final live demonstration showed a revolutionary mobile onboarding app in action.  Armed only with a passport and an Android phone, DNB Innovation Lead Ronny Khan showed how a user can be securely verified for KYC/AML purposes.  This app, which generated enormous interest, was developed using the ReadID product of our partner, Dutch ID document experts InnoValor.

DNB app demo screen

Using InnoValor’s ReadID technology to scan the MRZ information and read the embedded NFC chip of the passport, the thus obtained high-quality image of the passport holder is used to authenticate against an iProov selfie capture to make sure that the correct person is physically present for the onboarding process.

A video of the whole 7-minute presentation coming soon, but in the meanwhile you can see the onboarding demo at the link below:

Watch the onboarding demo

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