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iProov at connectID: The New Frontier of Digital Identity Fraud

11 March 2020

How will we vote, pay, travel, work, interact and transact in a digital world, if identity fraud continues to threaten trust and security?

That’s the question that iProov will be helping to answer at the connect:ID conference this week in Washington DC. It’s a great event, attended by representatives from government and the private sector, that focuses on the need for new thinking to combat identity fraud in a digital, data-driven world.

Come and meet the iProov team on our booth #115, or join us in one of our presentations:

The Last Mile – Securely Binding Real People To Secure Digital Identities4.35pm, 11 March, Stage 3 | Andrew Bud, CEO, iProov

Come and hear Andrew talk about the work that iProov has been doing with governments and banks around the world, including the Department of Homeland Security, Home Office, NHS, Rabobank and ING. What are the threats that governments and banks face, what is driving those threats, and how can they be combatted?

What is Truly Secure and Passive Authentication? | 2.45pm, 11 March, Table 13 | Simon Williamson, Vice President Sales, iProov North America

Join our roundtable for a discussion on passive authentication; what is it and what are the security, usability, and commercial implications of different types of passive authentication.

Deepfakes: The New Frontier of Digital Identity Fraud | 3.20pm, 12 March, Stage 4 | Joe Palmer, President iProov Inc

Joe will be talking about how evolving deepfake technology is forcing a rethink on the way that governments and enterprises are protecting themselves and their citizens/customers against presentation and replay attacks.

If you’re not attending connect:ID and would like more information on these presentations or on our services, please contact us enquiries@iproov.com

What is connect:ID?

connect:ID is an identity conference and exhibition that focuses on how disruptive technology and policy decisions are driving much needed change in the world of identity, particularly in government and finance.

What’s on the agenda at connect:ID?

Also on the agenda this week: Trusted Authentication, Identity Proofing, Online Authentication, Remote Onboarding, Digital Identity Standards, Federated Identity, Know your Customer (KYC) compliance, anti-money Laundering (AML) compliance, Combatting Document Fraud, Border Control, Privacy and Consent, Compliance & Regulation, Meaningful Consent, Payments and Open Banking, Smart Cities, Protecting Citizens Online, Mobile Citizen ID, Next-Generation Biometrics, Traveler Identity, Seamless Traveler Journey, Biometric Exit/Entry, Advanced Passenger Identification, Secure Ports of Entry, Digital Identity Fraud, Presentation Attack Detection, Account Takeover Fraud.

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