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Meet the team: iProov welcomes new Talent Acquisition Partner

26 February 2021

This week we welcomed a new iProover to the team: Vinesh Vijayananthan, who has come onboard as our Talent Acquisition Partner.

iProov is growing – in the year to November 2020, we increased our global team by 29% as we doubled our customer base and expanded to the US and Singapore. 

Vinesh will be focused on building the iProov team further, so we can continue our  growth and achieve our mission of making the internet a safer place. Let’s find out a bit more about Vin and his plans for iProov. 

Welcome to iProov, Vinesh! What are your first impressions?

Thanks! I’m glad to be here. My first impression: this is a hard-working bunch! Everyone here is really committed to the iProov mission and is driven to make iProov a success story. I had my first experience of an ‘iProov Stand-up’ – it’s a weekly 1-hour meeting where every single iProover gets the opportunity to share their achievements. You’d have thought it was an annual meeting – the updates I was hearing showed that a lot gets done in a week! Everyone has a voice. Everyone has something important to say. Everyone is working towards the same goal. So my first impressions: iProovers are a force to be reckoned with.

How would you describe the culture at iProov?

In a word: remarkable. The company has some very ambitious plans and iProovers have very high standards. iProovers are remarkable in everything they do, from the technology through to the commercial . ‘Achieving the remarkable ’ is one of the iProov values and it’s clearly resonating across the whole business. Collaboration is key to achieving this. 

What do you think sets iProov apart from other companies? 

The mission! iProov is on a mission to make the internet a safer place and people want to be a part of that. I have experience in the technology and biometric industries and iProov has the potential to be a global game-changer. People want to be a part of that. Yes, a lot of technology software and gadgets can be game-changing, but not on this scale. The CEO, Andrew Bud, said to me on my introduction call “iProov isn’t promising to solve world hunger but we are here to solve world trust”. The candidates I have already spoken to this week can see that iProov is on a road to success and they want to be a part of this. 

What top 3 qualities are you looking for in a candidate wanting to join iProov? 

Energy! Integrity! Ambition! The hiring managers I have spoken to so far this week have all said they want a candidate with high energy and drive to make a positive change in the world. You could have a candidate with all the experience in the world, but if they don’t have the energy then they aren’t an iProover. High levels of integrity are also important. They should want to bring the best out of themselves. And finally someone who is ambitious. We are looking for candidates who are up for the challenge. There are so many opportunities at iProov – it’s a chance to grow yourself and build a successful career. iProov is on a fast track to success, so get on board!  

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