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iProov wins ‘Best of Show’ at Finovate Europe for the second year running

14 March 2019

Described as ‘the highest energy demo of the day’ by audience members, iProov’s 2019 Finovate Europe demo was voted ‘Best of Show’ for the second year running.

The 7-minute demo was delivered by CEO, Andrew Bud, and supported by our Product Manager, Gabriel Turner.

The demo kicked off with a recap of our award-winning technologies that are currently live and in production: Face Verifier and ID Matcher.

We showcased Face Verifier for strong customer authentication and ID Matcher for secure customer onboarding. During our demonstration of ID matcher, we were delighted to announce Microblink as our latest document capture partner. Together, we look forward to creating seamless customer onboarding journeys with staggering completion rates.

Last but not least… we unveiled our latest innovation.

iProov Palm Verifier.

Palm Verifier offers highly secure authentication using an alternative biometric. Like our face-based products, Palm Verifier is supremely simple to use and requires no specialist hardware.

The product leverages our distinct Flashmark technology to check for the genuine presence of a 3D palm and protect against identity spoof attacks.

We are delighted to add another ‘Best of Show’ trophy to our collection and excited to be shaping the market with our latest innovation!

Watch the full demo here.

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