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Meet the team: from web marketing in Peru’s rainforest to engineering at iProov

31 March 2021

This month we introduce you to Roberto Torres, Senior Front End Software Engineer at iProov. As the title suggests, Roberto has a very interesting resume. He has a rich history of traveling, a Master’s Degree in Web Marketing, and now plays a key role in iProov’s software engineering team. 

Tell us about your journey to iProov, Roberto!

I’m originally from Peru and had intended to follow a career in software engineering. However, it was working with graphics that initially appealed more to me.  At university, during the early 2000s, I formed a group with some friends to work on sound and computer graphics. We did well and managed to present our work in a few festivals. I realized, however, that there wasn’t a market to make a living from it. So I found a job in the tourism industry, and I liked that a lot. I worked for a company based in Peru’s Tambopata National Reserve. There I worked on system development and web marketing—basically trying to increase online sales and managing bookings.

I love to travel and after some time in the rainforest, in 2008, I decided to go for an internship at a large consultancy firm in India. Whilst I was in India I quickly learned that everyone at my firm loved the UK and it was seen as a big leap in your career to work there. Unfortunately for me, my internship was during the financial crash of 2008so when it ended I had no choice but to head back home to South America, where I continued as a freelancer in web development and web marketing. 

After saving some money, I came to London in 2011 to study a Masters in Web Marketing. I was then offered a job as a software developer in a large consulting firm which I did for 5 years, before then moving to a smaller consulting firm because I wanted to work in a more dynamic and agile team. I was there for 1.5 years… and then I discovered iProov!

What attracted you to iProov?

iProov is big on data science and machine learning, and this was appealing to me. After having worked in a consultancy firm for a long time, I definitely wanted to be in a company that owns a product. I didn’t want to work with a client in a different part of the country for a couple of months, and then move onto a different client and their technology the next month. I had a hunger to learn and be in a focused, driven environment. I love to be able to finish a project and see it deployed out to the market, working and generating revenue. It is definitely more intense, but it is interesting and that’s more rewarding. 

How would you describe the culture at iProov?

We’re growing very quickly and organically. Everyone is driven and focused on the end goal. People are very receptive to new ideas and we all trust each other. I like to work with the research team and also with customersI shared this with my manager who made it possible for me. It’s nice having that flexibility and freedom to ask and to be heard.

You are currently expanding your team. What 3 qualities does someone need to work at iProov?

Adaptive, proactive and collaborative. We are growing very quickly so it’s important to be adaptive. Working at iProov requires flexibility so we can respond. That is how we work best. It is important to be proactive in your learning. You need to know the best practices in coding and architecture and keep an eye on new technologies. Collaboration is also important at iProov, because we work closely with different teams on projects and we help each other to make our application more robust.

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