National Techie Day at iProov

National Techie Day: iProov celebrates the brains behind the biometrics

3 October 2020

At iProov, we love to celebrate our iProovers and recognise their career achievements. You may have seen our previous blog posts about our Women in STEM and also empowering our iProovers on International Women’s Day. We celebrate talent and diversity at iProov, so National Techie Day is another opportunity to showcase our technology brilliance! National Techies Day is a day recognised to encourage students to pursue a career in technology. We chatted with Senior Software Developer, Evgeny Kazanov, to hear his journey into technology from Visaginas, Lithuania to London, UK and what advice he would give the younger generation looking to pursue a career in tech. 

Can you tell us about your early career and what you wanted to be when you grew up?

When I was a young child, my dream was to be a pilot, however my eyes aren’t so great!

Growing up, we didn’t have computers, so technical roles were very different to what they are today. I always enjoyed fixing things, and I think that’s where my interest in engineering came from. Finding broken or old items and fixing the electronics was a hobby of mine.

My first role after university was at a Nuclear Power Plant as a control and instrumentation technician. Over time I worked my way up to be a team supervisor, then as a C&I engineer, which is a control instrumentation engineer. Through my 20 years working there I also worked in the International Projects Department which was exciting. Throughout my life I have always enjoyed DIY projects and so engineering was a natural path for me.

When did you join iProov and what has your journey been like?

I joined in 2015 at a really exciting time. There were just a few developers and we were in a small office in London Waterloo. We are always working on big challenges that are interesting to solve. Although the tech teams have grown in those 5 years, the passion for solving big challenges hasn’t changed. We are still as hungry for innovation as we were at the start of iProov. I am very excited for the future of iProov.

What advice would you give to anyone considering a career in tech?

If you’re interested in innovation, with a curious mind for new inventions, a career in tech is for you.The technology industry is a forward thinking industry and it is growing rapidly. When joining a tech business, be prepared to adapt to a fast-paced company. At iProov we are always innovating. 

Critical thinking and problem solving are also key skills to have as an engineer. These can be achieved by studying subjects like maths and physics. A strong knowledge in these areas will build a good foundation for anyone looking at software development as a career choice.

If you are interested in joining the tech teams at iProov, take a look at our open roles here or if you want to know more about being an iProover, click here.

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