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What does it take to be an iProover?

August 28 2020

iProov is growing. We’re always looking for talented people to come and join the team – we have current vacancies in product management, development, and research.

So what’s it like to be an iProover? We talked to Reena Singh, our HR Manager, for her insights on the company and how the HR function is evolving to support iProov employees as the company grows.


What do you love most about working in HR at iProov?

The team at iProov is amazing. Everyone’s very friendly, warm, approachable, and full of character. This drives me to deliver the best HR function I possibly can, simply because the people here deserve it. I’m constantly working on employee engagement and seeing how I can keep everyone together. It’s things like that which make working in HR for iProov so enjoyable.

What is it that makes you proud when you speak to other iProovers?

Everyone’s very hardworking and proud of what they do in a very modest way. They know that their work is making a big difference.  We’re changing the way the world authenticates in a graceful way!

I am proud of every team in our organisation.  Even though I’m not the one that created our Palm Verifier product for example, when I talk to our Head of Biometrics I just feel so proud that I’m part of this team. It feels so good to work with people who are passionate and excited about what they do.

How has the recruitment and onboarding process evolved since the pandemic?

We’re very fortunate, because we always had that flexibility to work from home, so being fully remote is very similar to how it was before. The biggest change for me is holding interviews on Zoom instead of in-person. Onboarding of new recruits is also done virtually, rather than face to face with different people around the organization. However, it hasn’t actually been very difficult, and I put that down to our adaptability.

What opportunities do you think have opened up with remote onboarding and working?

We can now start recruiting in places that are further afield – for example in Exeter, South Wales, and Dublin. Our talent pool has opened up, which I’m very excited about. We’ve got some very talented people in London but this gives us access to more people.

What do you think sets iProov apart when people apply to join the team?

People often tell me that they’ve been following iProov and watching interviews that our CEO, Andrew Bud, has given. iProov and our mission and technology are his passion. It’s the way he talks about iProov, our products and about the market that really engaged some of the people that have joined. People want to be part of it and be involved with a company which is continually innovating.

Once someone actually joins iProov, what support and professional development is available?

We’ve introduced a buddy system for new starters. I link them with people in other departments, which helps to bring colleagues together on a social level alongside their usual onboarding sessions.

We also provide ongoing training. If a member of the team feels that there’s something that will add value to their role, then we’re happy to consider it. There are people within the company that are very open to help mentor other individuals as well. So we always try to provide the best support we can. If you show an interest and a passion for something, then I believe you can be very successful. We’re constantly doing what we can to support people that want to grow and develop.

Finally, what do you think the future holds for iProovers?

I think there are some wonderful things to come. We’ve grown so much in the 12 months that I’ve been here and I’ve seen how much we’ve developed as a company. As that growth continues, there will be so many opportunities for iProovers; whether new roles or developing in their existing ones.

There will always be a continuation of the excitement and passion that people have for iProov. I don’t think that fire is ever going to go out. There’s always something new in the works here and that provides such a good learning opportunity for everyone.

iProov is always open to receiving CVs, even if there aren’t current opportunities in a particular area. Somewhere down the line, there might be a fantastic opportunity for you.

We will be talking to more iProovers across the next few weeks. If you are interested in joining the team, take a look at our open roles here: www.iproov.com/about-us/careers

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