Software Engineer (Web SDK)

iProov’s Web SDK is pushing the boundaries of what is possible with web technologies today. The Web SDK provides a widely available, usable product that forms part of a system that delivers a number of social benefits to society, from remote onboarding to banks and healthcare to safe authentication for national infrastructure and services.

Our vision is to provide this experience with native level performance across the broadest range of devices possible.

As with any interactive experience on the web, we know this is a challenging environment in which to deliver an SDK: it needs to fit into our customer’s app framework and work in a variety of configurations; it’s a rewarding feeling when we thread the needle through and watch how our releases perform on our dashboards and monitoring systems.

Your responsibilities:

  • Ensuring our product collects accurate sensor information from the browser to feed into our biometric systems.
  • Participating in performance analysis of our product across a number of devices and operating conditions, and contributing from a web technology perspective.
  • Considering and improving our user experience and user interface when implementing our biometric products on the Web.
  • Implementing image and signal processing algorithms on the frontend using a mixture of JavaScript and Rust/WebAssembly where appropriate.
  • Ensuring quality and minimising tedium by automating testing and making use of static code analysis.

Minimum experience:

  • Demonstrated previous experience in frontend engineering across a broad variety of devices.
  • Commercial or hobbyist experience in implementing algorithms on the frontend with a reasonable level of complexity (for example, basic image processing, Walker’s algorithm, etc).
  • 3 years of hands-on programming experience in JavaScript in a commercial setting.

Preferred experience:

  • Use of Rust or C++ to build WebAssembly in production.
  • Previous commercial experience in at least one of image processing, signal processing and machine learning.
  • Experience in iterative development with a rapid release cycle.
  • Strong debugging skills, both for code and holistic solutions.

About you:

  • You behave like an owner and take full responsibility and pride in your work.
  • You possess the ability to think laterally and innovatively to advance through any obstacles in your path.
  • You have the confidence to state a clearly reasoned and articulated viewpoint.
  • You take initiative in your tasks and signal up when a new challenge is needed.
  • You prefer to take an iterative approach – and follow through with continuous improvement.
  • You are able and willing to participate and facilitate debates so we can all improve our process and technologies.
  • You have the right to work in the UK.
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