About us

We are a diverse team of world-class university academics and cutting-edge mobile and web developers, led by senior executives experienced in building and running global-scale internet services.

We are passionate about simplicity and focused on security.

Award winning technology

  • Finovate - ‘Best in Show’ (2018, 2019 and 2020)
  • SINET - Sinet16 (2017)
  • Citi - Tech4Integrity Challenge (2017)
  • Fintech Valley Vizag - Insurtech Category (2017)
  • NCSC - Dragon’s Den (2017)

Valued global contributors

  • Recipient of 15 grants from InnovateUK, the UK Government's innovation agency
  • Part of the E2Data Project, within the EU’s Horizon H2020 Research and Innovation Programme
  • iProov Founder and CEO chairs the Mobile Ecosystem Forum, the global trade association of the mobile services industry
  • iProov Founder and CEO is a member of the Identity Ecosystem Steering Group, developing standards for the US National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace
  • Contributors to the UK Cabinet Office OIX group
  • iProov’s technology is on display at BT's Global Research and Development Headquarters

The iProov story

Why was iProov founded? It came from a lesson learned the hard way.

In 2008 Founder Andrew Bud was Executive Chairman of the previous business he founded, mBlox Inc. the largest provider of enterprise-to-consumer text messaging in the world. By 2007 it was also one of the largest processors of SMS mobile payments in the world, clearing and settling around $500m a year, with low fraud rates, growing revenues and happy mobile operators.

The attack

Then in 2008, it all went horribly wrong. Fraudsters in the UK discovered how to fake consumer consents and many people lost money.

Andrew was held to account by the press, and the company asked if it had been complicit or just negligent.

The answer, of course, was neither and the business was later commended by the regulator on its exemplary handling of the incident.

The lesson

But it taught Andrew a lesson: the crucial importance of good, strong authentication. Simple enough to serve the needs of impatient mobile users, but secure enough to withstand the attention of even the most determined, sophisticated attackers.

Solving the SMS problem was straightforward. Solving the app and web problem was not. A new kind of solution was needed – intuitive, simple to use, cross-platform, impervious to compromise of the device or its software and immune to phishing. How might this be achieved?

The answer became iProov.

The future

iProov continues to be trusted throughout the online ecosystem by delivering authentication and verification simply and securely, based on a genuine one-time biometric.

Ensuring the genuineness of a biometric is and will continue to be one of the great continuing challenges for the online ecosystem.

iProov will continue to lead by meeting that challenge, through unceasing research and development, observing and adapting to the changing threats and through collaboration with a worldwide network of trusted partners.

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