Transform Finance 2021 Big Tech Event

Big Tech Event 2021

Feb 3 2021 – Feb 4 2021

Join iProov at Big Tech 2021, taking place February 3-4 2021.

Aarti Samani will be sharing ideas on how Biometric Authentication for Digital KYC Establishes Reusable Trust.

The drive to digital has been accelerated by COVID-19. Banks need to be able to onboard customers online securely and effortlessly, while complying with KYC guidelines. The good news is that establishing trust at the onboarding stage opens up opportunities to improve customer satisfaction, increase revenues and prevent fraud and financial crimes.

This session will cover:

  • How to build trust at the point of onboarding
  • How to extend the value of that trust, making it effortless for customers to manage their accounts and access new products and services
  • Case studies: how are banks and governments achieving this today?


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