Future Digital Finance 2021

Future Digital Finance 2021

Jan 25 2021 – Jan 26 2021

iProov will be presenting at Future Digital Finance taking place on January 25/26 2021.

2020 saw an unprecedented shift towards digital banking. Five year roadmaps were condensed into five months, with implications for both user experience and security. With most of the world still banking remotely, the bar has risen on what an inclusive and effortless, secure and compliant banking experience looks like.

Join Joe Palmer, President of iProov Inc,  at 1:25pm ET on January 26, where he will present the findings from research carried out on 20 of the top US banks:

  • How are banks managing the online onboarding and authentication processes?
  • Where are customers experiencing issues in online banking?
  • How can banks balance user experience and security?

To find out more about the event click here.

We look forward to seeing you there, digitally!

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