iProov iSOC diagram

iProov Security Operations Center (iSOC)

The threat of machine-driven cyber-attacks, including deepfakes, is growing. iProov’s Security Operations Center (iSOC) is our active threat management service. It provides users of Genuine Presence Assurance® with sustainable security protecting against an ever-evolving threat landscape.

  • Continuous security against new threats
  • Optimum system performance
  • Adapts to new devices and technology
iProov iSOC diagram

iSOC: Technology, Processes, People

iProov combines the most advanced technology with rigorous processes and expertise to provide resilience against the most sophisticated attacks. iProov provides a machine-driven protection that does not require human intervention during day-to-day operations. When an attack has been identified, however, our highly trained individuals will analyse the attack scenarios and approve responsive actions.

iProov Privacy Firewall

The Privacy Firewall

Your customers’ privacy is of paramount importance to iProov. We operate to the highest data privacy standards, and within GDPR. Thanks to the Privacy Firewall, all personally identifiable information (PII) is retained and controlled by you, the Data Controller. Although iProov will see a ‘face’ as part of the authentication process it is impossible for iProov or to link that face to an identifiable person.

cloud iproov

Biometrics in the cloud

All of iProov’s security processes, including all processing of biometric data, happen on iProov’s secure cloud-based servers and not on-device. This is essential for security, as devices can be compromised. But it also enables iSOC to be as effective as possible. Every customer and user benefits from the monitoring and management of combined attack data from all geographies and sectors.

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Dominic Forrest

Security with iProov iSOC

Watch this 10 minute webcast with iProov CTO, Dominic Forrest. He talks about the ever-evolving threats that organizations and users face and how iSOC is protecting against them.

The threat of deepfakes report

Deepfakes: a growing threat

Concern about deepfake crime and online security is growing. iProov data shows that 75% of US and UK consumers would be more likely to use online services that protect against deepfakes.

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