Facial Recognition Vs Authentication. What’s the difference?


Written by Luke Moore, Revenue Director. 

Recently,  San Franciso has become the first US city to ban Facial Recognition. However, there is a worthwhile clarification to make between Facial Recognition and Biometric Authentication.

Today, an increasing number of traditional problems are solved digitally. For example, opening a bank account from your sofa, rather than trekking down to your local branch (if you can find it). But many services still require a face to face interaction or demand you add yet another password to your quiver. Services like renting a car, accessing your 24hr gym or even crossing a border.

In these situations, the traditional method to assert that you are whom you claim to be is done either by showing up in person and being verified or by exchanging shared secrets, such as a password or a security question. The latter is all too easy to lose, forget or have stolen.

It’s only a matter of time until biometrics replace outdated and inconvenient methods for asserting your identity online. At iProov, we strongly believe that the best biometric is your face. However, faces are not secrets. Anyone can get an image of anyone's face online (on LinkedIn, Facebook etc).

The iProov Team worked diligently for several years to solve this specific problem. We guarantee that an online transaction is completed by a Real Person (human not fake), the Right Person (a match) and importantly that the user is there Right Now (i.e. not a replay of a previous attempt). We call this Genuine Presence Assurance. We are challenging attempts to fake ownership of digital identity. This challenge is now the cornerstone of any digital interaction or transaction, but also the key to creating convenient, quick and more pleasing customer journeys.

We’d love you to get in touch, even just to discuss your use cases with an expert! We look forward to helping all of you to assert ownership of your identity online joining the many millions who have been able to say #iProovThereforeIam.

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