We are immensely proud to announce that Andrew Bud, CEO of iProov, has been recognised by the Queen in the New Year Honours list. He has been made a CBE for services to export.

As the founder of London-based iProov, Andrew has pioneered new methods in biometric and facial authentication to help establish trust online. Banks, governments, and other enterprises worldwide are using technology invented and patented by iProov to simplify the way that consumers securely access online services.

A serial entrepreneur, Andrew has spent his career using cutting edge technology to solve global business challenges. He has been a successful pioneer in the tech industry for 30 years; in 1989 he delivered the world's first digital wireless telephone for consumers, the Zonephone, which is now on permanent display in the Science Museum in London. In the 1990’s he was one of the founders of the mobile communications industry in Italy, and he then founded and led mBlox, a global company which became the world's largest provider of commercial text messaging to enterprises.

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You’ve probably heard the term ‘Liveness’ used within the authentication market. But have you heard of ‘Genuine Presence’? At iProov we use the term genuine presence a lot (and not just because we coined it.) It’s printed on our leaflets, our swag… we’ve even had #genuinepresence printed on t-shirts.

Why does Genuine Presence matter?
Determining Genuine Presence is critical to safeguard digital identity. Without Genuine Presence assurance, mass fraudulent authentication claims can and will be passed. Undetectable attacks will be scaled and digital identity compromised.

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The Replay Challenge


Written by Andrew Bud, CEO & Founder

When we founded iProov in 2011, it seemed obvious to us that “replay attacks” would be amongst the most dangerous threats to face verification.  These occur when an app, device, communications link or store is compromised and video imagery of a victim is stolen; the stolen imagery is subsequently used to impersonate a victim.  Right from the start, we designed our system to be strongly resilient to this hazard. However, only now is the market beginning to understand the danger of replay attacks.

So, what is a replay attack and how can it be resisted?

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Face biometric technology is commonly grouped under the catchall phrase of ‘Face Recognition.’ However, there is a critical distinction between ‘Identification’ and ‘Authentication.’

Facial Identification technology aims to increase human efficiency, often utilised in surveillance settings to aid in identifying a face in a database or a watchlist of individuals. This is known as a one-to-many search. This use of Face Recognition for surveillance has sparked huge privacy and human rights debates due to a lack of legal regulation and grey areas of consent. Facial Identification is often undertaken without meaningful consent and provides no direct benefit to an individual; instead, aiming to promote a safer society overall.

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A brand new nationwide study from iProov has revealed a sheer lack of awareness and education around deepfake technology amongst the UK public, with almost three-quarters (72%) saying they have never even heard of a deepfake video.   

Key findings: 

  • Almost three-quarters (72%) of Brits have never heard of a deepfake video 
  • Even when given a full definition, almost one-third (28%) believe deepfake videos to be harmless 
  • Over two-thirds (70%) confessed they would not be able to tell the difference between a deepfake and a real video 
  • More than half (55%) of Brits believe social networks are responsible for combatting deepfakes 

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