It’s been a very busy six months here at iProov. 

The growth of Genuine Presence Assurance - the ability to confirm that an individual is the right person, a real person, and engaging right now when you’re dealing with them online rather than in the physical world - was already underway when the pandemic struck. 

The COVID-19 crisis accelerated the need for remote authentication. Firstly, more people needed to complete more processes online, which meant that verifying identity digitally became essential. Secondly, online fraud increased considerably, with criminals taking advantage of the crisis. The ability to combat machine-driven online crime, which iProov provides, is needed more than ever before.

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iProov today announces its partnership with Australian identity verification specialists IDV Pacific Pty Ltd. The announcement sees iProov expand its growing partner network and extend its services into Australia and New Zealand.

IDV Pacific provides identity document validation to governments and enterprises in a range of industries, recognizing over 4,600 different international ID credentials, including passports, driver’s licenses, visas and national ID cards. 

The integration of iProov facial biometric technology enables IDV Pacific customers to confirm that the individual using a passport or driver’s license to verify their identity online is the same person whose photograph appears in the identity document.

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Identity Matters

Beyond 2020: Scaling Digital Identity

Identity Matters is the mini-series made for and by
Identity Professionals.
iProov has rallied the best and brightest in the Identity Industry, to bring you quick and engaging thought-leadership.

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This episode's Highlights
  • The role of Digital Identity during COVID19
  • Scaling inclusivity and accessibility
  • Encouraging widespread adoption
A big thank you to our guest

Joni Brennan, President of the Digital Identification and Authentication Council of Canada (DIACC).

bloomd launch with iProov

iProov, world-leaders in spoof-resistant biometric authentication technology, is continuing to provide services free of charge to start-ups supporting the coronavirus crisis.

bloomd, a digital community which facilitates intergenerational exchange of knowledge, experience and companionship in a fun and safe way, has launched in the US and UK. The online community enables anyone looking for mentorship, knowledge-sharing, or simply companionship, to connect with other people of different ages.

The launch of the platform, originally planned for later this year, was brought forward to help support those impacted by loneliness or isolation during the pandemic. Watch the 20 minute webcast below for more insight and to meet the founder of bloomd.

bloomd offers:

  • Simple sign up - the bloomd platform is open to everyone of any age, with a simple onboarding process stripped of any unnecessary steps that might put users off.
  • Usability - the web application has been designed with older generations in mind, who may find technology overwhelming. The platform allows them to easily share experiences via chat messages, phone or video calls.
  • Security - the integration of iProov biometric authentication will act as a ‘virtual doorkeeper’ to reduce the risk of trolling, making bloomd safer than most social networks.

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Today, iProov is proud to announce that its technology is to be deployed by Dutch challenger bank Knab, to provide an effortless online biometric experience to its nearly 500,000 customers.

Knab customers can now effortlessly authenticate themselves for a growing range of sensitive transactions using iProov’s patented Flashmark technology. The partnership with the online-only bank, which is owned by multinational life insurance, pensions and asset management firm AEGON, sees iProov collaborate with a challenger bank for the first time.

This is the first time that iProov has been used for SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) by a bank in Europe, and one of the very first production deployments of any device-independent biometric for SCA. Its step-up authentication capabilities are being rolled out in a variety of scenarios. A key use will be Knab’s rebinding process – i.e. when a user deletes the bank’s app, updates the app or loses their device and needs to re-verify their identity. The ability to process transfers and payments using iProov will go live shortly and further applications are planned.

Ongoing ID verification for all new customers opening an account with Knab will be carried out by iProov’s technology. Knab’s adoption of iProov also sees the bank move away from its previous token-based solution, dispensing with costly and unpopular hardware and the associated administrative burden. iProov’s cloud-based process is fully automatic, does not use human agents, and is extremely fast, reliable and secure.

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