Written by Kendel Ruppert, Marketing Associate.

iProov’s first permanent location was a cupboard-esque room at 39 York Road. Kindly described as ‘cosy’ by longstanding iProov team members. Unsurprisingly, very quickly we were bursting at the seams. 

So we knocked down the wall and filled the new space with more desks. However, we had the luxurious problem of becoming a successful business. We found ourselves in a cycle of winning deals, expanding our team and running out of space. In total, we knocked down the wall four times. 

39 York Road was a loving DIY project. We ripped up the stained blue carpets, replaced the orange filament lights with sparkling LEDs and built two new meeting rooms. ‘IKEA desk construction’ sessions became a Friday afternoon ritual when we had a fresh wave of recruits starting on Monday.

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Written by Luke Moore, Revenue Director. 

Recently,  San Franciso has become the first US city to ban Facial Recognition. However, there is a worthwhile clarification to make between Facial Recognition and Biometric Authentication.

Today, an increasing number of traditional problems are solved digitally. For example, opening a bank account from your sofa, rather than trekking down to your local branch (if you can find it). But many services still require a face to face interaction or demand you add yet another password to your quiver. Services like renting a car, accessing your 24hr gym or even crossing a border.

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Contactless, device independent authentication offers new choice to users.

London, 12 February 2019 – iProov, a leading provider of biometric authentication technology and genuine presence assurance, today announces the launch of its Palm Verifier product at Finovate Europe 2019.

For the very first time, users will be able to use palm verification on any of their personal devices, either as a standalone mode of authentication or as an additional authentication factor, with strong assurance of genuine presence.

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