• Absolutely the simplest user journey possible: click, & stare. That's it.
  • Successfully used by people from nine to ninety
  • Clear guidance on positioning the face
  • Abstracted face imagery to avoid aesthetic feedback
  • No selfie distraction - no incentive to move device from normal usage position
  • Dynamic, game-like journey creates a diverting ceremony
  • Clear communication to user that an authentication event has occurred
  • Compliant with international standards on photosensitive epilepsy
  • Clear, comprehensible guidelines: stay still & avoid direct sunshine on the face


iProov's patented Flashmark technology protects users without user effort:

  • The host organisation requests iProov to verify a user, without sharing any personal information about the user.
  • A unique, one-time code is sent to the user device just as the authentication starts;
  • The screen flashes a sequence of colours for 2.5 seconds according to the code (the Flashmark);
  • Light from the flashing screen reflects from the user's face;
  • During the flashing, video of the user is streamed to iProov's servers;
  • The user's face is matched against their enrolment image and images of every subsequent successful authentication
  • iProov servers analyse the reflection of the display light on the user's face;
  • The pattern of reflection is examined to check it comes from a real face
  • The sequence of colours is checked to ensure it is the same as the session Flashmark
  • Other aspects of the video image and other data are also analysed
  • If verified, iProov sends the host organisation the answer, which the host must independently check with iProov for extra safety

Flashmarked images cannot be reused and are worthless if stolen.


Sustainable performance from Deep Machine Learning technology...

  • Outstanding recognition and forgery detection performance based on iProov's very large data sets
  • Data-driven performance continually improves with use
  • Continuous analysis of all authentication claims spots attack attempts
  • Learns from user difficulties and attacks to continuously improve


The iProov technology is covered by the following granted patents:

  • US patent 9412169: Real-time visual feedback for user positioning with respect to a camera and a display
  • US Patent 9075975: Online pseudonym verification and identity validation
  • US Patent 9479500: Online pseudonym verification and identity validation

Other applications are in progress.