Palm Verifier

Creating a safe digital environment, proving genuine human presence

iProov's contactless mobile palm authentication offers an extremely simple yet highly secure means of authentication without the need for any specialist hardware. It can be used in conjunction with iProov's face-based products, Verifier and ID Matcher, to create a multi-modal solution.

Why Authenticate with Palm Verifier?

Anonymous & Unique

Palms are not an identifiable trait, therefore, promoting a higher level of acceptance among privacy-concerned users.  Palms are unique, even for identical twins, rendering them more secure.

Publicly Inaccessible Biometric

Palm prints are not readily available in public domain, therefore, sophisticated spoofs cannot be easily generated.

Secure & Impenetrable

One-time palm biometric prevents attackers from social engineering, ensuring full resilience from replay attacks.

Cutting-edge technology

Palm Finder

iProov has built the first ever mobile handset palm finder, which detects:
  • Presence of a hand
  • Direction of the hand - Left or Right
  • 3D optical positioning

Palm Matcher

iProov’s innovative architecture finds key points on the hand and crops out the information rich area, which is matched against the enrolled biometric template.

Palm Anti-spoofing

Patented technology checks for genuine presence of a 3D palm and protects against known attack vectors, including replays.


Multi-modal authentication solution, choice of face and palm

User enrols an image from a trusted source and two biometrics: a face and palm
Returning customer chooses to authenticate with either face or palm

Step-Up, 2nd Factor Authentication

iProov enrolled customer begins transaction post log-in
Customer performs iProov for step-up authentication
High-risk transaction identified, additional security factor needed
Secure customer authentication complete, transaction verified

ATM Verification

Palm capture enrolled as part of a customer onboarding journey
Palm biometric is linked to new bank account
User authenticates at an iProov enabled ATM. Gains access to ATM services with a hygienic, password free experience

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