Try iProov demonstrates a very simple cross-enterprise service. Enrol on your mobile in the native app or on the website, and invite your friends. The identities are managed by iProov itself. Please note that you cannot use your enrolment in any other demo.

Waterloo Banking Demo

The Waterloo banking demo is a simple example of how Verifier can be used in a branded consumer-facing application. An open web site is available for use on laptops and on mobile devices equipped with the Verifier app; Waterloo Banking demo native apps, incorporating the Verifier SDKs, are available on request. Enrolment and the customer journey are entirely within the Waterloo environment; please note that the Waterloo enrolled identity cannot be used on any other service, including

Download the app

Push Demo

Looking for an easy and secure physical access control or VPN login solution? Try iProov Verifier with Push - This is a demo of pushing iProov to an external device from your laptop/PC:

1. If you are a new iProov user, click on the Try It Now link below and enrol on your laptop/PC. If you have used iProov before, click on the Try It Now link below and proceed to 'Register Device'.
2. If you do not have the 'iProov Verifier' app on your phone or tablet, download it from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store (remember to allow notifications) .
3. Using Safari (on iOS) or Chrome (on Android) surf to
4. Click on tab 'Register Device' and iProov on this chosen device. 
5. After successful enrolment and device registration, click on the 'Push Demo' tab in your laptop/PC browser and knock on the virtual door to request access.