iProov Genuine Presence Assurance

Our Mission

iProov’s mission is to use Genuine Presence Assurance® to bring trust to the internet by allowing individuals to prove that they are who they say they are online. Only with Genuine Presence Assurance can you be sure that an individual is the right person, a real person, authenticating right now.


banking technology

Financial Services

How are banks and other financial institutions using iProov technology?

Government technology

Government and Public Sector

How is Genuine Presence Assurance helping governments and the public sector?

Biometrics for Healthcare Technology


How are healthcare providers using iProov biometric technology?

Contactless travel


How is iProov helping travel providers to deliver contactless services?



How is iProov helping social networks and sharing economy platforms to protect users?

Digital Identity Providers

Digital Identity Providers

How is iProov working with digital identity providers to protect users?

Use Cases

iProov Face Verifier

Customer Onboarding

Onboarding can take many forms; opening a bank account, applying for a visa, accessing health records, applying for college or joining a social network.

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Online Identity Authentication

Once a customer or citizen has onboarded, the ongoing authentication process can vary, from multi-factor or step-up authentication for high-risk situations to everyday log-on.

iProov rebinding


iProov enables organizations to make it easy for a customer to rebind a new mobile device, with Genuine Presence Assurance technology that authenticates their identity.

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