Acuant Integrates iProov Patented Biometric Authentication Into Its Trusted Identity Platform

August 5 2020

iProov, the leading provider of biometric authentication technology for Genuine Presence Assurance, today announced that Acuant, a global leader in identity verification solutions, has integrated iProov into its platform to provide robust online face authentication services.

Acuant, which provides identity verification services to all industries, selected iProov’s patented Flashmark technology to deliver the highest level of trust during the online authentication of a remote individual for digital customer onboarding, customer authentication, age verification, fraud prevention and regulatory compliance.

iProov’s Flashmark is the only device-independent solution proven to assure that an online user is the right person, a real person, and that the authentication is taking place right now. Yet it requires absolutely no effort from the user at all.

The technology is unique in creating a “one-time biometric”. By projecting a cryptographic sequence of colors from the device screen onto the user’s face for a few seconds, the face imagery is stamped with a one-time code. This means that the imagery is useless if intercepted, stolen, recorded or reproduced by deepfakes, protecting users from the most dangerous threats to face authentication. It has been tested by governments and banks and shown to deliver far stronger security than any alternative. Its great usability and excellent performance have been demonstrated on a vast scale through deployment in national programs such as the British EU Settlement Scheme.

“We’re delighted to be working with Acuant,” said Andrew Bud, CEO of iProov. “As a world leader in identity management solutions, Acuant delivers trust and security to all facets of our lives. Across the world iProov is securing the link between digital identity and physical human beings. We’re excited about this partnership, which will deliver simpler, faster and safer digital identity solutions globally.”

“The demand for online authentication and genuine presence assurance is growing every day,” said Yossi Zekri, CEO of Acuant. “We were impressed by iProov’s innovative technology that secures and streamlines the icatioverifn process. iProov addresses the increasing threat of replay attacks and other spoofing tactics like no other solution today.”

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