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Governments worldwide are embracing biometric technology to safeguard online services, verify citizen identity, and accelerate digital service adoption. iProov is an established government partner, trusted by the United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, and others to deliver digital service access without compromising security or inclusivity.


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Deliver digital services without compromising on security or inclusivity.

Deliver Efficient Online Services

Provide seamless access to online services to increase adoption and reduce administrative burdens. With an intuitive ID and selfie capture, citizens can securely access government services from wherever they are, eradicating in-person appointments and manual identity checks.

Bolster Account Security

Ensure only authorized individuals gain access to government services with a phishing-resistant authentication factor. Tailor the assurance level to the risk profile to empower citizens to use the same selfie for account login and recovery, device binding, and step-up authentication.

Reduce Fraud

Defrauding the government is a big business for criminals. iProov provides high assurance it’s a real person, the right person, and they’re authenticating in real time. Thanks to unrivaled attack detection and active threat management, iProov is recognized as a synthetic identity fraud mitigation service provider by the US Federal Reserve.

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Why iProov?

  • Inclusive by Design

    iProov Face Verification is WCAG 2.2 AA and 508 compliant to ensure high usability for all. Active bias mitigation ensures consistent performance across age, gender, and skin tone.

  • Unrivaled Attack Mitigation

    iProov Face Verification has been externally red-team tested by Five Eyes governments to prevent the most advanced threats, including sophisticated presentation attacks, digital injection attacks, and AI-generated attacks. 

  • Proven Track Record

    iProov is the trusted partner of governments around the globe, supporting the EU Settlement Scheme, the IRS, DHS CBPOne, and the Federal Government of Australia. Our extensive experience and stringent compliance with GDPR and CCPA enable us to tailor solutions that address specific government challenges and ensure the integrity of citizen data.

Lean on proven experience with iProov. Read our case study.

Leading governments trust iProov for a reason. Our technology has helped facilitate some of the world’s most successful remote identity verification programs in the world, such as the EU Settlement Scheme. iProov helps the US to protect the IRS, numerous state unemployment schemes, and CBPOne. The Federal Government of Australia relies on iProov to protect its national digital identity program.

case study: DHS

U.S. Department of Homeland Security Selects iProov For Secure Border Crossings

DHS’ Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is using the iProov Biometric Dynamic Liveness technology for secure border crossings – creating a seamless, easy-to-use process for approved travelers and an overwhelming obstacle for those who have not been authorized.

“The IRS saved 10-16 times what it would cost taxpayers if they had to go through other channels.” / IRS – Government

Why Biometric Face Verification?

By linking customers to their trusted ID, you open up opportunities for digital transformation and ongoing security across different online services – maintaining trust through every touchpoint.

Governments have large mandates and often face budget constraints. Biometric face verification eliminates the need for in-person visits to government offices or the physical submission of documents, which is expensive and ineffective

Once onboarded, citizens authenticate using their face each time they return. Ensure only authorized users can access sensitive information and services such as bill payments or citizen benefit portals, and mitigate account takeover and fraud.

Enable citizens to securely prove who they are if they lose access to their account or device, without needing to re-enroll or speak to staff.

Provide online enrollment with digital verification checks to alleviate queues at physical locations such as border crossings.

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