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Biometric Solutions For Seamless Account Recovery & Device Rebinding

iProov provides an effortless, secure solution for account recovery and device rebinding using facial biometric technology. Users can quickly regain access to their accounts through a simple facial scan when they are locked out or lose/replace their trusted device. This eliminates the need for cumbersome, manual recovery processes and reduces the risk of fraudulent account takeovers.


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Mitigate Impact And Cost of Fraud

Cybercriminals exploit the account recovery process to gain unauthorized access to user accounts. Account recovery is inherently vulnerable due to susceptibility to phishing. The right biometric solution hinders account takeover in the first place, and makes account recovery easy, acting as a two-pronged defense against fraud.

Significantly Reduce Manual Support Costs

Organizations spends millions on recovering users’ accounts. iProov empowers the user to recovery their own account with a simple face scan. It expedites the process, reduces costs and frees up time for support staff.

Delight Users, Maximizing Retention

Nobody wants the frustration of being locked out of their account – it erodes trust and undermines user experience. Our secure facial biometrics ensure swift and hassle-free account recovery, eliminating the need for manual intervention.

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Why Choose iProov Account Recovery And Device Rebinding?

  • Choose the Strongest Solution to Minimize Risk

    iProov binds a person’s face to their government-trusted ID. It delivers a high level of assurance that a remote user is real and is the only solution that can ensure real-time authentication – so you know the user recovering their account or rebinding their device is truly who they say they are.

  • Deviceless Interoperability

    Recover or rebind from any device with your face. Losing your phone or password does not mean you’ve lost your account – regain access instantly on any other device with a front-facing camera.

  • Market-leading Performance, Convenience, and Inclusivity

    Our user-centric, passive experience strikes the balance between accessibility, inclusion, and convenience while delivering >98% success rates. As one of the few biometric vendors with WCAG 2.2 AA and 508 accreditation, our solutions are usable by as many people as possible – expanding your total addressable market and maximizing revenue.

  • Painless Integration

    Our cutting-edge SDK means all liveness detection functionality is built-in. Integration is technologically simple, and fully supported by our customer success professionals.

Lean on proven experience with iProov: Leading organizations such as Bradesco, Wultra, and Raiffeisen Bank rely on iProov for effortless account recovery and device rebinding.

“Our customers really are everything to Knab. That’s why we chose iProov – like us, they are clear leaders in delivering the very best customer experience without compromising on the highest standards of security and compliance.”


Marcel Kalse, Co-founder

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