iProov Biometric Solution Suite


Reduce friction and enhance security with phishing-resistant face biometrics. iProov Authentication delivers flexible levels of identity assurance tailored to use case and risk profile to drive frictionless face authentication throughout the identity lifecycle.


Frictionless, Secure, Streamlined

Enhance the user experience

No more forgotten passwords or unretrievable security codes. Individuals simply authenticate with their face, from any device, anywhere. If their device is lost or stolen, they can securely authenticate with a quick selfie without having to re-enroll.

Improve security and compliance

Prevent phishing attacks and account takeover with an inherence authentication factor that can’t be lost, shared, or stolen. iProov Authentication links a real-world identity to cloud-based biometrics to help you increase security and minimize friction.

Streamline authentication channels

Empower individuals to authenticate high-risk activities without staff assistance. Tailor the level of identity assurance to use case and risk profile to use the same secure selfie throughout the identity lifecycle.

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High Assurance Throughout the Identity Lifecycle

  • Account Login
  • Account Recovery
  • Device Binding
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Step-Up Authentication

How it Works

Biometric Adoption Navigator

Explore how biometric authentication can enhance security and convenience across the identity lifecycle.

iProov’s Science Based Approach To Mitigating Threats

Stop Today’s Attacks

A complex artificial intelligence system analyzes signals from the imagery and device to detect signs of spoofs. These algorithms block known attacks, such as those presented to the camera, like masks or photos, or attacks injected into the video stream, like deepfakes.

Mitigate Tomorrow’s Attacks

Novel and emerging threats are identified by real-time monitoring, threat intelligence, and cutting-edge research. Experts analyze methodologies, replicate attacks, and fortify defenses to drive a continuous feedback loop into the core AI system.

The Humans Behind the Science

  • Tailored Consultation

    iProov consultants analyze your use case and tailor recommendations based on factors including country, document type, attack vectors, platform, and hosting requirements.

  • Fully-Managed Service

    iProov solutions architects manage the integration, hosting, and ongoing optimizations drawing on experience from implementations for the world’s most security-conscious organizations.

  • Continuous Updates

    Computer scientists, threat intelligence experts, and ethical hackers deliver continuous algorithmic updates based on classified threat intelligence and cutting-edge research.

Lean on proven experience with iProov.

iProov Biometric Solution Suite

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“Our customers really are everything to Knab. That’s why we chose iProov – like us, they are clear leaders in delivering the very best customer experience without compromising on the highest standards of security and compliance.”

Marcel Kalse, Co-founder Knab


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