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Biometric Solutions For Border Control, Visas, and Immigration

Face biometrics empowers governments and border agents to process ever-increasing immigration and border throughput securely and efficiently. iProov science-based technology drives some of the world’s most successful immigration, border, and visa programs, delivering a frictionless experience for legitimate travelers while preventing illegal applications or identity fraud.


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Say goodbye to long lines and manual document checks – embrace contactless borders and effortless identity verification.

Reduce Costs Spent on Manual Processes

By leveraging iProov face verification, resource-intensive and manual document checks can be significantly reduced or eliminated, saving valuable time and costs. This allows you to focus efforts on complex cases while providing an effortless user experience.

Enhance User Experience, Streamline High-Volume Processing

Processing large numbers of people through small spaces is labor-intensive and expensive. iProov biometric technology enables contactless walkthroughs, which speeds up service access, increases transparency, and minimizes the need for the presentation of manual documents. You can handle larger volumes of individuals while improving security and satisfaction outcomes.

Minimize Impact And Risk Of Fraud

Governments and border agents must ensure that they are not undermined by fake or manipulated identities and applications. iProov solutions are designed to drive conversions while delivering the maximum assurance that a person is who they say.

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Why iProov?

  • Minimize Risk with Science-Based Identity Assurance

    iProov binds a remote person’s face to their government-trusted ID, delivering the highest level of assurance that a remote user is genuine. Our technology is independently certified to the highest international standard for biometric verification and authentication. iProov thwarts imposters and fraudsters from spoofing the system while remaining frictionless for genuine user

  • Expand Reach With Industry-Leading Inclusivity and Convenience

    As the first biometric vendor with WCAG 2.2 AA and Section 508 accessibility accreditation, iProov expands your total addressable population. Our active bias mitigation ensures equitable performance across demographics and environments. The streamlined user experience requires no complex instructions – users simply look at their camera to verify identity. This intuitive process improves accessibility for those with cognitive or language barriers, achieving over 98% success rates. iProov’s inclusive approach drives adoption, enhances user experiences, accelerates digital transformation, and promotes digital equity. iProov also offers a kiosk solution for those without access or ownership of a smartphone.

  • Benefit From Seamless Integration

    Our lightweight, cutting-edge SDK means that all liveness detection functionality is built-in. iProov is a fully managed and cloud-hosted service – integration is technologically simple and fully supported by our customer success (CS) professionals to ensure maximum performance and usability. Your CS manager will execute an ongoing success plan, with quarterly business reviews and reports to continually improve business outcomes

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iProov technology has revolutionized the process of applying online for visas, permits, and other immigration documentation. Governments can now securely verify the genuine presence of remote applicants within seconds to speed up and automate administration.

We supported the EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS), where more than 5 million EU Settlement Status applications were successfully concluded. The Department of Homeland Security is also using iProov to streamline cross-border travel at ports of entry while maintaining a high degree of confidence in traveler identity and status.

CASE STUDY : UK HOme office

EU Settlement Scheme

iProov supported the UK Home Office with its EU Settlement Status applications. With Peaks of 25,000-30,000 applications per day and over 2,300 different makes of Android and iOS devices used, this was heralded as “one of the most successful government IT projects ever”.

“The EU Settlement Scheme is a very successful, scalable proof-point of what’s possible and achievable with the right end-to-end processes, technology, and collaborative team.”


Gordon Wilson, CEO

case study: DHS

Department of Homeland Defense Customs and Border Protection (CBP)

iProov is working with the DHS, enabling travelers to quickly transit remote border points, with accurate reporting of entry and exit data. Our technology delivers a high level of assurance for authentication at border points without the need for Custom & Border Protection Officer attendance.

Why Biometric Face Verification?

Visa, Borders, And Immigration Use Cases

Biometric verification allows you to verify identity remotely through a facial and document scan. You can accept submissions by mobile device or computer, providing a convenient and secure identity verification process for travelers – enhancing both security and the overall travel experience. Speeding up visa application procedures and border control can also have critical and wide-reaching implications on business, trade, and tourism.

Biometrics can allow you to authenticate users to quickly and securely cross borders without the need for officer attendance –  enabling efficient and accurate identification of individuals, ensuring only authorized individuals proceed through border controls. This could be a biometric e-gate at an airport or a completely remote border port of entry and exit. Face verification reduces congestion while improving user experience. 

Replacing manual processes is only advisable if the technology replacing humans can offer better security. iProov delivers the highest levels of identity assurance available, while automating traveler identification and screening processes, reducing the need for manual interventions and improving operational efficiency.

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