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The iProov Global Partner Program: Deliver Trust Online

Liveness is a critical part of the identity journey, but not all liveness is equal. iProov offers best-of-breed liveness technology to provide our partners with higher completion rates, greater security and less friction than other solutions.

Join the iProov Global Partner Program today and benefit from sales, marketing, product and technical support to help you drive more business, offering enhanced security and usability to your customers.

Why should you join the iProov partner program?

Joining the iProov Global Partner Program offers a host of benefits for your organization:

  • Provide best-in-class, award-winning biometric face verification technology to your customers
  • Gain 24/7 access to our partner enablement platform, providing support for your sales and marketing teams
  • Apply for Market Development Funds (MDF), available to eligible partners to help fund marketing campaigns
  • Use interactive demos to ‘wow’ existing and potential customers
  • Receive tailored sales training and technical enablement
  • Take advantage of market intelligence, use cases, case studies, and messaging
  • Get monthly updates in our exclusive monthly partner newsletter
  • Benefit from ten years of industry expertise
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Hear From the Partners Powered by iProov

Hear from four leading identity solution providers as they explain why they have chosen iProov as their partner for liveness detection.

Watch the video to:

  • Discover the value of liveness technology for verifying user identity online
  • Learn how iProov delivers the best liveness technology on the market
  • Get a list of factors you need to consider when choosing a liveness partner—high completion rates, scalability and more

Already a Partner?

What Are the Benefits for Your Business?

  • Strengthen Your Platform with Award-Winning Biometric Authentication Technology

    Partner with the market-leaders in biometric face authentication for high completion rates, security, effortless usability and more. Join the major global financial institutions, governments, healthcare and travel providers around the world that use iProov.

  • Lean on our Sales and Marketing Support to Drive New Business

    Increase your sales velocity with access to iProov experts, co-selling initiatives and go-to-market activity. Utilise our marketing campaigns, explore co-marketing opportunities and demand generation, access messaging, logos, brand guidelines, and much more.

  • Get 24/7 Support: Access Integration Support Materials

    Access the technical documentation, developer resources and implementation support that you need to make iProov part of your portfolio. Our speed of integration and quality of support decreases time to market, meaning faster results.

  • Grow Your Business, Increase Revenue, and Reduce Time to Market

    iProov provides patented face verification technology that’s been deployed quickly and at scale in the most demanding environments around the world. iProov offers the scalability and expertise to help you support customers in a range of sectors.

  • Collaborate with iProov Experts and Join a Network of Leading Service Providers

    iProov has exceptional credibility and references; you’re joining a network of successful organizations around the world. We have the expertise to deliver a partnership for mutual success. And if that’s not enough, we’re great to work with!

Read More About the iProov Partner Program

Everything you need to know about the iProov Global Partner Program in one guide

Inside, you’ll learn exactly what to expect from the iProov Global Partner Program. Read about the benefits of becoming an iProov partner, and the requirements and levels of partnership. Find out about use cases for face biometric verification and iProov’s key differentiators.

10 Reasons to Become an iProov Partner

Why is iProov the best of breed partner you need for liveness and Dynamic Liveness? Here are 10 very good reasons to get you started!

Press Release: iProov Launches Its Partner Program

iProov, the world leader in biometric face authentication technology, has announced the launch of its new Global Partner Program.

iProov has been an exceptional partner for us for many years. Working together we have delivered the world’s best remote onboarding solution to many banks.

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