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Biometric Solutions For Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

You can eliminate over 80% of data breaches by using MFA. MFA is a critical security measure to protect your users’ accounts and transactions in today’s threat landscape. However, traditional MFA factors, such as one-time passcodes, create friction for users and cause abandonment. iProov’s science-based facial biometric solution offers a secure, inclusive, and effortless “something you are” authentication factor. An effortless facial scan lets the legitimate person in but keeps fraudsters away.


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Boost conversion and acquisition rates, meet stringent compliance requirements, and proactively mitigate existing and emerging fraud risks.

Boost Conversions By Optimizing User Experience

If MFA is cumbersome, users are more likely to abandon the process, leading to lost conversions and revenue. iProov’s effortless facial scan eliminates this friction, delivering a seamless experience with >98% success rates. You always have your face with you – you can’t forget it (as with a password) or leave it at home or in another room (as with a device).

Mitigate Account Takeover Fraud

Identity-based fraud costs $52 billion of loss in the US each year. If robust authentication controls are not in place, fraudsters break into existing accounts and siphon funds or steal identities. iProov verifies the user is the right person, a real person, and that they are authenticating right now – thwarting impostors and fraudsters from spoofing the system.

Minimize Financial Losses And Reputational Impact

Automated password attacks and data breaches can cause widespread financial and reputational damage. The global average data breach cost in 2023 was $4.45 million. Don’t compromise on security – choose iProov’s biometric MFA to safeguard your organization and maintain user trust.

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Why Choose iProov for Multi-Factor Authentication?

  • Expand Reach: Market-leading Performance, Convenience, Inclusivity

    As one of the few vendors with WCAG 2.2 AA and 508 accreditation, iProov’s MFA solution is usable by almost everyone – expanding your total addressable market and maximizing revenue. The user-centric, passive experience ensures maximum accessibility, inclusion, and convenience. Complete MFA from any device, anywhere.

  • Minimize Risk: Accredited and Certified Security

    Our technology is independently certified to the highest international standards for biometric authentication, including iBeta Level 1 & 2 ISO 30107-3 Presentation Attack Detection Compliance. iProov has been verified by UK, Singapore, and Australian Governments, and successfully mitigated extensive Red Team testing from the Department of Homeland Security.

  • Futureproof: Unrivaled Attack Detection

    iProov sets the bar for biometric security. Our solution is proven at scale to detect and prevent the most advanced threats, including injection and AI-generated attacks. Our active threat management system, iSOC, detects emerging threats in real-time and drives continuous algorithmic updates, supported by threat intelligence experts around the clock. Trust in the most advanced MFA solution on the market.

  • Ease Of Integration

    Our lightweight, cutting-edge SDK means that all liveness detection functionality is built-in. iProov is a fully managed and cloud-hosted service – integration is technologically simple and fully supported by our customer success (CS) professionals to ensure maximum performance and usability. Your CS manager will execute an ongoing success plan, with quarterly business reviews and reports to continually improve business outcomes.

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“Our customers really are everything to Knab. That’s why we chose iProov – like us, they are clear leaders in delivering the very best customer experience without compromising on the highest standards of security and compliance.”


Marcel Kalse, Co-founder

Why Biometric Face Verification?

Use Cases for Biometric Multi-Factor Authentication

Confirm that money transfers are being initiated by the legitimate account holder with an effortless facial scan as an additional authentication factor, delivering an extra layer of security.

Setting up a new payee or transferring large amounts of money shouldn’t need complex procedures involving tokens or OTPs. iProov’s biometric MFA enables simple, secure step-up authentication to provide extra protection on high-risk or high-value transactions.

Strong factor authentication is a form of MFA required in the EU Under PSD2 guidelines. All merchants and payment providers must implement multi-factor authentication for remote transactions using two different factors from the three categories (something a user “knows”, “owns”, or “is”). iProov provides the most secure, inclusive, and effortless way to authenticate customers using the ‘something you are’ factor.

iProov allows your users to securely recover their identity if they lose access to the account or device, without needing to entirely re-enroll. Doing so with a simple user experience and resilient security can be a key differentiator. iProov creates trust in the person holding the device rather than the device itself so they can recover their identity with an effortless facial scan.

Users prefer passwordless options, and authentication that omits cognitive function tests is a requirement under WCAG 2.2 inclusivity guidelines. iProov’s facial biometrics offer a secure and inclusive passwordless login factor as part of a multi-factor authentication flow.

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