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Patient misidentification, fraud, data breaches, and inefficient workflows are challenges facing healthcare organizations. iProov biometric solutions enable providers to verify and authenticate patients and staff with the highest assurance and no friction, reducing fraud, breaches, and errors while boosting productivity.


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Identify Patients with Maximum Accuracy

Patient misidentification can lead to catastrophic consequences. Unlike identifying factors that can be stolen or lost, like social security numbers, iProov technology binds patients to their government-issued IDs with their unique, inherent features. Providers have maximum confidence that the right patient is receiving the correct treatment.

Reduce Fraud Costs

Fraudulent activities like illegitimate insurance claims and prescription drug abuse cost the healthcare industry hundreds of billions annually. Using iProov biometrics, providers can verify and authenticate patients with the highest level of assurance. This makes it exponentially harder for bad actors to use stolen or synthetic identities to defraud the system.

Mitigate Data Breaches

According to IBM, healthcare experiences the highest data breach costs of all industries. With iProov, patients and staff authenticate using their inherent features, not vulnerable knowledge and possession factors. The technology is phishing-resistant, removing the leading entry point for data breaches and heavily reducing risk.

Improve Staff Efficiency

Healthcare staff need secure, fast access to sensitive data and restricted locations. Legacy authentication measures, like passwords and keycards, are insecure and add friction. iProov grants frictionless digital and physical access with maximum security, saving staff valuable time that they can dedicate to patient care.

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Why iProov?

  • Boost Accessibility

    Digital channels make healthcare possible for people who cannot get an in-person appointment. iProov complements this inclusivity. The first biometric vendor to be WCAG 2.2 AA accredited, our technologies deliver increased accessibility, irrespective of the user’s device, literacy, or physical capability. Providers can deliver healthcare to the maximum number of patients.

  • Improve Patient and Staff Experience

    Healthcare providers must secure patient and staff activities without adding friction. iProov Authentication enables organizations to tailor the identity assurance to the use case and risk threshold to drive secure, frictionless authentication throughout the identity lifecycle. Higher-security checks can be triggered in higher-risk scenarios while minimizing friction.

  • Identity Fraud Protection

    Fraudsters invent synthetic identities to make fake insurance claims. iProov is the only pure-play biometric vendor to be listed as a synthetic identity fraud mitigation provider to be listed by the US Federal Reserve. By ensuring that patients are real with the highest confidence, healthcare providers can stem fraud losses.

  • Quick Time to Market

    In the competitive healthcare market, bringing innovative technologies to market at speed is an advantage. Integrating iProov’s SDK is technologically simple and fully supported by our customer success professionals to ensure maximum performance and usability. Healthcare providers can securely verify and authenticate patients and staff faster.

Lean on proven experience with iProov. Read our case study.

CASE STUDY: UK NAtional health service (NHS)

iProov provides facial authentication for NHS Login

UK residents can complete the onboarding process for their NHS login using iProov. A simple, secure facial scan enables citizens to obtain their NHS login and access essential services online, such as doctor’s appointments, access to medical records, and ordering repeat prescriptions.

“More automated tools like iProov’s will help us to improve the experience of our users, increase demand capacity, and ensure nobody is waiting too long to complete identity verification checks to gain access to their digital healthcare services.”


Melissa Ruscoe, Programme Head for NHS login

Why Biometric Face Verification?

Biometric Healthcare Use Cases

Patients can onboard remotely using their face, any device with a front-facing camera, and their government-issued ID. Improved identity assurance mitigates fraud risks. Fast remote onboarding removes the need to visit a physical location, improving accessibility and reducing manual processes for the patient and the organization.

After onboarding, the patient’s biometric data is encrypted and stored. They can use their face for secure authentication when accessing sensitive information, like medical records. Unlike passwords and OTPs, faces cannot be lost or stolen, improving security and usability, and heightening data protection.

Staff need secure, fast digital and physical access, especially in time-sensitive work environments. The challenge is to deliver frictionless access while remaining secure. iProov authentication involves a two-second face scan, removing the need for insecure passwords or keycards.

Different staff and patient activities require different levels of security. However, increased security should not come at the expense of user experience. iProov Authentication secures medium and high-risk scenarios without adding friction, making for consistent, seamless usability.

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