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Strong user authentication is crucial for preventing account takeover and protecting sensitive data. But security can’t come at the cost of convenience.  iProov Biometric Authentication delivers the best of both worlds – intuitive, secure biometric experiences that drive conversions and mitigate fraud.


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Boost user conversion and acquisition rates, meet stringent compliance requirements, and proactively mitigate existing and emerging fraud risks.

Enhance the User Experience

If your users struggle to authenticate, they’ll give up or circumvent processes. Face biometrics are a uniquely human way to authenticate that we’re never without, driving convenient, effortless account access throughout the identity lifecycle.

Reduce Account Takeover Fraud

Prevent phishing attacks and account takeover with an inherence authentication factor that can’t be lost, shared, or stolen. For the highest identity assurance, link an individual’s face to a real-world identity to know it’s the right person and a real person accessing their account.

Ensure Compliance

Meet requirements such as Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) with a secure authentication factor accessible from any device with a front-facing camera.

Streamline Processes

Tailor the level of assurance to the use case and risk profile to empower individuals to authenticate high-risk activities without staff assistance. 

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Why iProov?

  • Inclusive by Design

    iProov face authentication is WCAG 2.2 AA and 508 compliant to ensure high usability for all. Active bias mitigation ensures consistent performance across age, gender, and skin tone.

  • Unrivaled Attack Mitigation

    iProov Dynamic Liveness has been externally red-team tested by Five Eyes governments to prevent the most advanced threats, including sophisticated presentation attacks, digital injection attacks, and AI-generated attacks. 

  • Active Threat Management

    The iProov Security Operations Center rapidly identifies and responds to emerging threats to deliver continually renewed resilience against the evolving threat landscape.

Myth or Fact?

Test your knowledge of biometrics! Biometric technologies promise security and convenience. But are they foolproof? Join us as we separate myth from fact in this engaging quiz on biometrics. Test your knowledge and discover the truth behind these cutting-edge tools that are shaping our digital lives.

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iProov Provides Biometric Technology to Challenger Bank Knab, Part of AEGON

Knab customers effortlessly authenticate themselves for a growing range of sensitive transactions using iProov – supporting Strong Customer Authentication compliance and providing a best-in-class banking experience.

“Singapore’s national digital identity, SingPass, enables citizens and permanent residents to transact seamlessly and securely with public and private sectors’ digital services.”

Quek Sin Kwok
Senior Director of National Digital Identity

GovTech Singapore

Why Biometric Face Authentication?

Use Cases for Biometric Passwordless Authentication

Harness an effortless yet phishing-resistant authentication factor that can’t be lost, stolen, or forgotten.

Tailor the level of authentication assurance to the use case and risk profile for the optimum balance of security and convenience.

Enable individuals to securely prove who they are if they lose access to their account or device, without needing to re-enroll or speak to staff.

Add face biometrics with liveness detection as a strong second authentication factor.

iProov Biometric Solution Suite

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