what we do

iProov delivers effortless authentication of online users.

Nothing to remember, nothing to carry, nothing to do. Our unique user experience is outstandingly simple for young and old to use, on mobiles, tablets and laptops.

Verifying faces, we assure institutions, enterprises, websites and online service providers that a returning user is genuine.

Our unique, patented technology protects users thoroughly against attempts to gain access with forgeries or stolen face images.




iProov was founded in London in 2011 to solve the problem of enabling users to log into online services simply, yet securely. The experienced leadership team previously successfully built and ran high volume global online services, and iProov's research skills are drawn from Britain's top Computer Science faculty at University College London. With UK Government funding, iProov spent three years quietly developing the world's most advanced technology, before bringing it to the global market with the support of UK private finance. Brands including KPMG and Sony have acclaimed the technology and the services with which iProov today solves the problem of simple, secure authentication.