Simply smarter security

Award-winning online biometric authentication

Authentication is now as simple as a glance down, protecting your users on any device, anytime, anywhere.

Our patented Flashmark technology flashes a sequence of colours illuminating the face and starting our unique, world leading face authentication process.

Applications include onboarding, ID verification, border control, strong customer authentication and access control.

iProov – because each face is unique.

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How does it work?

Ultimate simplicity

Look at the screen for 2.5 seconds
Experience a unique illumination of the face as iProov scans it
Pose discreetly, no 'selfie' pose required
Access granted

Our Technology

Unrivalled security

Behind the simplicity lies a wealth of pioneering technological advancements, creating the innovation of one-time biometrics.

Verifier’s patented Flashmark technology uses controlled illumination to detect presentation attacks. It determines liveness and mitigates against even highly sophisticated replica and replay attacks.


Would you like to know more?

Face Verifier

Face Verifier is our flagship product. It enrols and subsequently authenticates a user on any platform, with any device.

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Palm Verifier

Palm Verifier is a contactless mobile palm solution offering an extremely simple yet highly secure means of authentication.

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ID Matching

ID Matcher registers a photo from an ID document and then applies Face Verifier's highly secure process to authenticate the document bearer.

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Bespoke tailored authentication solutions for public sector applications offline, physical access solutions and electronic identification systems.

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iProov’s outstanding technology is a core element of the solution WorldReach Software is delivering to the UK Home Office.
iProov have been an exceptional partner for us for many years. Working together we have delivered the world’s best remote onboarding solution to many banks.

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