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We authenticate remote users online for onboarding and verification using Genuine Presence Assurance

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Successfully authenticating millions of people worldwide

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Easy for organizations of all types and sizes to use

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Driving outstanding completion rates for our customers

Trusted by the world’s most security conscious organizations

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Winner of Best Authentication Technology 2020

“Game-changing for customers and companies looking for speed with security.”

Onboard and Authenticate Your Customers Online

Organizations using iProov’s biometric authentication for onboarding or authenticating are realizing significant benefits:


Deliver outstanding usability

93% of people said it was easier to use than they expected


Deliver high customer completion rates

98.4% success rate with over 3m UK Home Office users


Deliver inclusive accessibility

Chosen to authenticate an entire nation


Protect your organization from cyber criminals

Clean bill of health from US Government Penetration Review


Future-proof your security

Unique active threat management system for certified resilience


Serve your entire user base

Independent of platform, format or device


Benefit from EU grade privacy
GDPR compliant & eIDAS certified


Eliminate user resets
Credentials not stored on devices


Leverage the experience of leaders
Deployed by the world’s most security conscious organizations


Use it where you need it
Deployed on five continents


Scale with confidence
Delivering millions of authentications worldwide

Our Technology

Genuine Presence Assurance

iProov is the world leader in Genuine Presence Assurance. Banks, governments, travel and healthcare providers around the world are using our unique patented technology to verify the online identity of customers and citizens more securely and more effortlessly than ever before.

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Winner of Finovate best of show awards three years running

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What’s new at iProov?

iProov vaccine passport

Covid-19 Passport from iProov and Mvine Moves Into Trial Phase

iProov and Mvine announce their design for a simple, secure and widely recognised Covid-19 immunity and vaccination passport will now move into live testing. The Mvine-iProov passport enables a person’s test result or vaccination status to be registered and proved without disclosing their identity.

iProov 2020 growth

iProov Announces Record Growth in 2020

2020 has been a record year for iProov, with significant growth in customers, partners, staff and revenues. The number of people verifying their identity online with their bank, government or other organization using iProov has increased by 549%.

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DHS Awards iProov $198K to Pilot Genuine Presence Detection

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has invested in commercially available technologies to streamline cross-border travel at ports of entry while maintaining a high degree of confidence of traveler identity and status.

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