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Biometric Verification Solutions For Onboarding

User onboarding requires a careful balance of security and friction to delight genuine customers and deter bad actors. iProov’s market-leading biometric verification enables organizations to tailor the levels of identity assurance to the use case to drive customer conversions whilst mitigating fraud.


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A secure onboarding experience will keep the fraudsters out. But if an onboarding process is not usable, it will keep everybody out – including your users.

Boost Conversions

Onboard customers from anywhere in the world with a simple ID and selfie capture. The automated process delivers results in seconds, eradicating manual review delays and in-person appointments.


Enhance Inclusivity

The fully automated face verification is free of complex instructions or cognitive challenges, like a nod or a head turn. The first face verification process conformant with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.2 AA, iProov drives industry-leading completion rates of up to 98% in production environments.

Balance Security and UX

Tailor the assurance level to your use case and risk threshold for the optimum balance of security and usability. Express Liveness verifies it’s a real person, not a spoof, with a near-instant face capture. For higher identity assurance, Dynamic Liveness delivers a randomized challenge response to ensure the user is authenticating in real time, and not a deepfake.

Futureproof Against Gen AI

The explosion of generative AI is challenging the integrity of identity verification processes. iProov delivers unparalleled presentation and injection attack detection that continually adapts to evolving threats.

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Why iProov?

  • Inclusive by Design

    Proov Face Verification is WCAG 2.2 AA and 508 compliant to ensure high usability for all. Active bias mitigation ensures consistent performance across age, gender, and skin tone.

  • Unrivaled Attack Mitigation

    iProov Face Verification has been externally red-team tested by Five Eyes governments to prevent the most advanced threats, including sophisticated digital injection and AI-generated attacks. 

  • Active Threat Management

    The iProov Security Operations Center rapidly identifies and responds to emerging threats to deliver continually renewed resilience against the evolving threat landscape.

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UBS Partners with iProov for Automated Online Identity Verification

UBS, the largest Swiss banking institution and the largest private bank in the world, has partnered with iProov to modernize their onboarding process. UBS customers can now open an account online in minutes with automated identity verification.

“Onboarding to UBS key4 banking is 24/7 and takes minutes, thanks to automated identity checks. With iProov, we’re now able to fully identify clients by scanning their face and passport – no more video calls required.”


Andreas Kubli, Head Channels and Platforms

iProov Biometric Solution Suite

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