Biometrics Solutions For Customs and Borders

Border agencies must protect national security while mitigating backlogs and delays. iProov biometric solutions enable agencies to verify travelers remotely – before they arrive at the border – improving security and expediting border crossings. This means lower risk, fewer delays, and reduced backlogs.


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Risk Mitigation

Failure to verify the identity of travelers can have repercussions on a national security scale. iProov biometric solutions are trusted by the US Department of Homeland Security to provide national-security-grade identity verification and authentication at borders.

Increased Efficiency

Delays and backlogs slow global traffic and trade, causing wide-scale disruptions. iProov solutions mitigate long and error-prone manual identity verification and authentication processes, accelerating the flow of people and goods.

Enhanced Accuracy

Maintaining accurate records, monitoring the volume of travelers, and identifying overstayers are fundamental to border integrity. iProov biometric technology removes human error, improving data accuracy. The solutions also decrease reliance on border protection staff in physical booth locations, making border protection more possible in remote locations.

Revenue Growth

Long queues do not generate revenue. iProov technologies boost traveler capacity, maximizing the throughput of genuine travelers and increasing time spent in revenue-generating areas.

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Why iProov?

  • Enable Seamless Access

    A user-centric, passive biometric experience provides maximum accessibility, inclusion, and convenience. iProov delivers >98% completion rates. Border agencies can permit genuine travelers seamless access while keeping bad actors out.

  • Expand reach with Industry-leading Accessibility

    Border crossings are essential points of entry for everyone, regardless of ability. As the first biometric vendor to achieve WCAG 2.2 AA and 508 accreditation, iProov technologies are inclusive by design. All travelers, irrespective of physical or cognitive capabilities, receive a frictionless experience.

  • Stay Ahead of Evolving Threats

    Border agencies must stay ahead of the emerging tools and techniques bad actors use to gain unauthorized access to nation-states. The iProov threat management system uses human expertise and artificial intelligence to identify and respond to emerging threats in real time.

  • Benefit From Tailor-made Integration

    Our lightweight, cutting-edge SDK means that all liveness detection functionality is built-in. iProov is a fully managed and cloud-hosted service – integration is technologically simple and fully supported by our customer success (CS) professionals to ensure maximum performance and usability. Your CS manager will execute an ongoing success plan, with quarterly business reviews and reports to continually improve business outcomes.

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case study: DHS

Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection (CBP)

iProov is working with the DHS, enabling travelers to quickly transit remote border points, with accurate reporting of entry and exit data. Our technology delivers a high level of assurance for authentication at border points without the need for Custom & Border Protection Officer attendance.

“The capabilities resulting from iProov’s Phase 5 award will optimize the U.S. entry process and support CBP in providing a superior experience for international travelers.”


Melissa Oh, Managing Director

iProov Biometric Solution Suite

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