Biometric Verification Solutions For Financial Services

Financial institutions are grappling with growing levels of fraud, propelled by the advancement of generative AI. Meanwhile, customers are demanding effortless access to online services. Onboard and authenticate with iProov biometric solutions in a way that users love, but fraudsters hate. We support your organization to boost customer conversion and acquisition rates, meet stringent compliance requirements, and proactively mitigate existing and emerging fraud risks.


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Boost user conversion and acquisition rates, meet stringent compliance requirements, and proactively mitigate existing and emerging fraud risks.

Streamline Account Opening

Onboard customers from anywhere in the world with a secure selfie and ID capture. The automated process delivers results in seconds, eradicating manual review delays and in-person appointments – giving high assurance in your customer’s identity for your KYC process.

Enhance Inclusivity

Deliver an intuitive onboarding process free from cognitive challenges, like a nod or a head turn. iProov Face Verification is compliant with WCAG 2.2 AA and built with balanced data sets to drive high performance for all.

Increase Authentication Security Without Friction

Increase security whilst minimizing friction with a passive challenge response during the face capture process. Tailor the assurance level to your use case and risk threshold to drive secure, seamless authentication throughout the identity lifecycle.

Futureproof Against Gen AI

Synthetic identity fraud is a pervasive and growing threat to financial institutions. iProov Dynamic Liveness delivers unrivaled attack detection and continually learns from emerging threats to ensure you stay one step ahead of rapidly evolving fraud.

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Why iProov?

  • Inclusive by Design

    iProov Face Verification is WCAG 2.2 AA and 508 compliant to ensure high usability for all. Active bias mitigation ensures consistent performance across age, gender, and skin tone.

  • Unrivaled Attack Mitigation

    iProov Dynamic Liveness has been externally red-team tested by Five Eyes governments to prevent the most advanced threats, including sophisticated presentation attacks, digital injection attacks, and AI-generated attacks. 

  • Active Threat Management

    The iProov Security Operations Center rapidly identifies and responds to emerging threats to deliver continually renewed resilience against the evolving threat landscape.

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UBS Partners with iProov for Automated Online Identity Verification

UBS, the largest Swiss banking institution and the largest private bank in the world, has partnered with iProov to modernize their onboarding process. UBS customers can now open an account online in minutes with automated identity verification.

“Our customers really are everything to Knab. That’s why we chose iProov – like us, they are clear leaders in delivering the very best customer experience without compromising on the highest standards of security and compliance.”


Marcel Kalse, Co-founder

Why Biometric Face Verification?

By linking users to their trusted ID, you open up opportunities for digital transformation and ongoing security across different online services – maintaining trust through every touchpoint.

Digitally onboard customers with an ID document and a selfie and eradicate in-person appointments and manual review delays.

Meet your SCA requirements with face biometrics verified against a real-world identity.


Enable customers to securely prove who they are if they lose access to their account or device, without needing to re-enroll or speak to staff.


Add face biometrics with liveness detection as a strong second authentication factor.


iProov Biometric Solution Suite

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Verify your online users’ identities securely and conveniently.

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