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iProov Enroller

iProov Enroller enables organizations to deliver secure, effortless online customer onboarding. Built on iProov’s Genuine Presence Assurance® technology, Enroller uses a one-time face biometric scan to verify that a user is the right person, matching the image from a photo ID or other trusted source. It also uniquely confirms that the user is genuinely present and the authentication is taking place in real time.

  • Securely verify new customer identity online
  • Maximize completions with facial authentication
  • Comply with KYC/AML regulations
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Why you need iProov Enroller

  1. New account fraud is increasing, costing millions
  2. Money-laundering and other crimes are growing
  3. Regulatory pressure for KYC/AML is rising
  4. Verifying identity of new customers online is key
  5. Genuine Presence Assurance is the only way to verify that a user is the right person, real person, and authenticating right now
  6. iProov Enroller is the only product that delivers Genuine Presence Assurance for maximum security and usability
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How iProov Enroller works

  1. Onboarding begins on mobile, computer or kiosk
  2. User scans government-approved photo ID
  3. User iProovs with a brief, effortless facial scan
  4. One-time biometric is analyzed in the cloud
  5. If genuine presence is assured, onboarding can be completed
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iProov Enroller benefits

  1. Fast enrolment process for higher engagement
  2. High completion with fast, accurate process
  3. Runs on all devices and platforms
  4. Maximum inclusion and accessibility
  5. Unrivalled spoof attack detection
  6. Active threat management with iSOC
  7. Rapid deployment
  8. Operational cost reduction
  9. Simplified operational management with one solution for different platforms

How does iProov make your onboarding effortless?

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Onboarding with iProov Kiosk

iProov Enroller in action

iProov Enroller is used by banks, governments, health and travel providers, and social networks to ensure that users are who they say they are online.

Onboarding with iProov face verification for banking

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Find out more about the technical and commercial benefits of iProov Enroller and what Genuine Presence Assurance can deliver to your organization.

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