Vox Pop: Getting Identity Right From the Start

This Vox Pop report, powered by iProov, captures the views of senior industry leaders as they share how they are tackling financial crime in a changing world and whether the key to identity is getting it right from the start.

Every year, businesses across the globe suffer huge revenue losses from financial crime. Established identity security measures are not sustainable in a digital world. 

The saying goes, “start as you mean to go on.” If a strong digital identity verification process can filter out bots, bad actors, and synthetic IDs before they can enter a system, could onboarding be the key to preventing financial crime?

Download the Vox Pop report now to find out: 

  • How financial institutions are tackling financial crime and fraud
  • The growing consumer demand for end-to-end digital services
  • How an identity created at on-boarding can be leveraged for future authentication
  • What the bank of the future will look like