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Traveler authentication requires a high level of identity assurance and has traditionally relied on manual verification of faces and documents. But this is time-consuming, labor-intensive, and error-prone; operational inefficiencies lead to bottlenecks and a poor traveler experience. With iProov facial biometrics, you can deliver a contactless travel experience that prioritizes both security and convenience.


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Governments and travel organizations can now start the security process at home, utilizing iProov’s market-leading technology in a secure, contactless process that users love.

Eliminate Manual Errors, Ensure High Identity Assurance

iProov ensures that the identity verification process is not only streamlined but also robust against fraud. By removing manual checks, we significantly reduce the risk of errors, providing a more secure and reliable system for traveler verification.

Reduce Traveler Congestion At Busy Locations

Our technology helps to manage and reduce congestion in travel hubs, ensuring a smooth and efficient flow of passengers. This is achieved by speeding up the identity verification process, which in turn reduces bottlenecks and improves overall operational efficiency.

Improve The User Experience With Quicker, Streamlined Processes

iProov’s solutions are designed to enhance the traveler’s journey from start to finish. By simplifying the verification process, we make travel more enjoyable and less stressful, allowing passengers to focus on the journey ahead.

Realize Revenue Growth With Quicker Traveler Throughput

Maximize traveler capacity and time spent in revenue-generating areas. Faster processing times mean more travelers can be accommodated, leading to increased revenue opportunities. With iProov, travel hubs can maximize their capacity while providing additional time for travelers to explore and spend in retail and dining areas.

Aid Security Checks And Data Reporting

Support border officials for secure entry and exit of travelers and providing accurate and timely identity verification data, enhancing the security of entry and exit processes. Our solutions ensure that only verified travelers pass through checkpoints, maintaining high security standards.

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How it works


When people are traveling, they want to relax. They want to get coffee, or dinner, or shop for supplies — not stand in long lines.

Utilizing secure remote identity verification by combining the capture of a trusted government-issued identity document with face biometric verification, enables effortless enrolment of individuals with a high level of identity assurance.

When the pre-enrolled individual arrives at the travel location, a <2-second biometric face scan enables rightful access to the correct individual. iProov enables effortless secure couch-to-gate travel.

Consumers Want Contactless Travel


Of travellers would use pre-travel remote verification


of travellers are more likely to use a travel provider that offers remote pre-travel verification.

Why iProov?

  • Expand Reach With Industry-Leading Inclusivity and Convenience

    Governments need to be able to deliver truly inclusive digital services, and very few liveness providers can support this. As the first biometric vendor to achieve WCAG 2.2 AA and 508 accreditation, iProov solutions are usable by as many people as possible – expanding your total addressable market and maximizing adoption. Our active bias mitigation ensures consistent performance across age, gender, and skin tone.

  • Delight Users with Market-Leading Performance And Convenience

    A user-centric, passive biometric experience that delivers maximum accessibility, inclusion, and convenience. iProov delivers >98% success rates.

  • Choose the Strongest Solution to Minimize Risk

    Our Remote Onboarding Suite binds a person’s face to their to a government-trusted ID. It delivers a high level of assurance that a remote user is real and is the only solution that can ensure real-time authentication. Most fraud finds its roots in porous verification and authentication; our Premium technology is independently certified to the highest international standards – ISO/IEC 20107-3, iBeta Level 1 and Level 2, and eIDAS Level of Assurance High. Why trust your business with anything less?

  • Benefit From Tailor-made Integration

    Our lightweight, cutting-edge SDK means that all liveness detection functionality is built-in. iProov is a fully managed and cloud-hosted service – integration is technologically simple and fully supported by our customer success (CS) professionals to ensure maximum performance and usability. Your CS manager will execute an ongoing success plan, with quarterly business reviews and reports to continually improve business outcomes.

iProov check orange sm Right Person.      iProov check orange sm Real Person.        iProov check orange sm Right Now.

CASE STUDY : Eurostar

iProov Brings Contactless Travel To Eurostar

iProov is working with Eurostar to enable contactless journeys with a biometric corridor. The accelerated pre-boarding option will enable passengers to complete ticket checks and border exit processes at St Pancras International station without needing to come into contact with people or hardware.

“SmartCheck in St Pancras International station is a solution for a faster and seamless check-in experience. By introducing SmartCheck, we become the first rail travel operator to adopt biometric face verification. This innovation will enhance our customer departure journey, which is crucial to provide Eurostar’s unique travel experience.”

Eurostar Group’s CEO

Gwendoline Cazenave

iProov Biometric Solution Suite

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