iProov Threat Intelligence 2024 webinar promises to provide valuable insights on the impact of Generative AI on Remote Identity Verification.

During the webinar, we will explore fascinating topics that include:

  • The vulnerability of person-to-person remote identity verification to deepfakes and Gen AI
  • How rapidly AI-powered tools have advanced, and why they undermine current remote verification methods, including human-operated
  • Insight into threat intelligence findings, how threat actors are evolving, what tools they use, and what this means for your organization’s remote verification methods 
  • Four most wanted threat actors: How do they operate? When do they attack? Uncovering active threat actor behaviors to see how your organization’s defenses size up against them

Dr. Andrew Newell, Chief Scientific Officer at iProov, and Nikhil Kamdar,VP, Global Solution Consultancy at iProov will share their knowledge and insights into the new threats in the past 12 months and the importance of resilience in biometric systems to withstand novel attacks.