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Flexible Authentication

Organizations face a challenge with online customer authentication: how to strike a balance between risk, security and user experience. Every digital engagement needs appropriate security, depending on the threat associated with an activity or the operating environment. iProov combines Genuine Presence Assurance® with Liveness Assurance™ to deliver maximum flexibility to our customers.

iProov Face Verifier

What is flexible authentication?

One of the areas of highest risk for a digital service is customer onboarding. The risk of enrolling, and subsequently granting access to the wrong person can incur significant financial loss, impact regulatory compliance or lead to social disruption.

Secure authentication needs to be flexible enough to provide the right level of assurance, while making the process easy for the user.

iProov provides a choice of biometric assurance technologies. Organizations can now flexibly invoke the appropriate method for each transaction according to its risk.

Liveness Assurance - passive Biometric liveness detection

Benefits of iProov flexible authentication

  • Per transaction assurance selection enables flexible business rules, to suit varying risk appetites
  • Consistent interface increases trust with user familiarity, minimizes confusion, and drives higher completion rates
  • Single compact SDK integration saves time, minimizes app size, and drives operational efficiency
  • Simple procurement delivers the range of assurance levels needed to meet changing risk or business demands
  • Cloud-based security protects against device-based attacks and prevents bad actors from reverse-engineering the technology.

Why organizations need flexible authentication

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