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About Us

iProov is a fast-growing global technology provider and the world leader in delivering Genuine Presence Assurance® to organizations around the world.

Genuine Presence Assurance is the only way to verify that an online user is the right person, a real person, and, critically, that they are authenticating right now – not an imposter or a criminal gang or a machine-driven cyber-attack. Founded in 2011, iProov has offices in London, Maryland and Singapore.


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Our story

iProov was founded in 2011 on a Big Idea. That Big Idea focused on a uniquely simple and clever answer to a complex challenge: how to prove that someone is who they say they are online.

Our founder and CEO, Andrew Bud, had experienced at first hand the devastating effects of online criminal activity. He vowed to find a way to enable organizations to verify the genuine presence of an online user: firstly, by making sure that the person setting up an online account was an actual person, and then by authenticating that person whenever they returned to make a secure transaction online.

The Big Idea was to use facial biometrics and colored illumination to read the biometric of a face and assure the genuine presence of a human being. Why facial biometrics? Because most ID documents contain a picture of a face so identity can be verified against a trusted source. Why colored illumination? Because it’s completely effortless for the user – no following instructions or moving required. Just a brief, simple ‘ceremony’ lasting a few seconds. This gives the most secure assurance possible that a user is not an imposter, a photo, a mask, a deepfake video, or a multitude of other sophisticated cyber attack tactics being used by criminal gangs around the world.

Today, iProov is the world leader in Genuine Presence Assurance, trusted by public sector and governments, financial services, safeguarding providers, digital identity providers, and travel and health providers to verify online citizens and customers with security, usability, and privacy.

The iProov Story

iProov Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is iProov?

iProov is a fast-growing global technology company and the world leader in face biometric verification and authentication.

iProov’s flagship Genuine Presence Assurance® technology enables governments, financial institutions, and other enterprises around the world to verify that an online user is the right person, a real person, and that they are authenticating right now. This enables organizations to protect against fraud, identity theft and other cybercrime.

iProov is privately owned, trading since 2013 with 27 granted patents and just shy of 200 employees.

What does iProov do?

iProov aims to make the internet a safer place using biometric technology. We enable organizations to verify the identity of online users in a number of scenarios; when they are enrolling or onboarding to a website or other online service for the first time, when they are authenticating for a return log-in, or when they are recovering their identity online.

We replace the need for users to complete in-person identity checks or video interviews and we provide a safer, more secure alternative to passwords and other authentication methods.

We do all of this in a way that maximizes online security while making it effortless for the user while protecting user privacy.

More about iProov

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What is Genuine Presence Assurance?

It’s iProov’s Big Idea: a completely unique identity verification technology that can check if an online user is the right person, a real person, and authenticating right now.

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The iProov Timeline

Read about the history of iProov, from our humble beginnings with no money and spare time staff, to our latest developments working with the Home Office and Eurostar.

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Join the team

iProov is doing remarkable things with biometric technology. Come and join the mission to make the internet safer and be part of something exceptional.

Winner of Finovate best of show awards three years running

iProov Financial Times fastest growing company 2022
2021 GoTech Awards Most Innovati
Globe Award Cyber Security Excellence 2021
Cyber Security Excellence Award 2021, Financial Services
Cyber Security Excellence Award 2021, Government
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