Cyber Criminals

To Cyber Criminals

iProov does not underestimate you. We understand that you are motivated by powerful business models and creative curiosity. Some of you are the smartest people in the world.

Because we don’t underestimate your capabilities we have built our systems to make it so frustrating and expensive to crack that you’ll decide you’re wasting your time to do so. And while you’re experimenting, our systems are watching you and learning from you.

Our one advantage over you is information asymmetry. We learn more from you than you learn from us. The iProov Security Operations Center has been designed to watch and learn no matter how you distribute your attacks. When you eventually do succeed, you’ll have taught us how it was done and we’ll fix it. Your efforts will have been wasted, except to have made our systems stronger.

We know that you will try to attack and penetrate our software and systems. Our ISO/IEC 27001 certificate is not just a compliance decoration for us – we live and breathe our ISO/IEC 27001 processes. Attempts at human and machine penetration will encounter a surprising number of obstacles. And if you do penetrate us, you’ll leave footprints. So while we don’t invite your attentions, we’re not frightened of them. We are a difficult, moving target.

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