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New EU Digital ID Wallet Briefing

26 Apr 2022 – 26 Apr 2022

iProov invites government representatives and stakeholders to watch a briefing on the new EU Digital ID Wallet.

The briefing took place April 26, 2022 and explained how to onboard and authenticate citizens in the pilots for the EU Digital ID Wallet in a way that maximizes uptake and usage.

Watch the briefing to:

  • Gain a clear understanding of the challenges of remote enrolment and ongoing online authentication and how they can be overcome.
  • See examples of how governments worldwide are using online biometric face verification to provide a highly secure, convenient and inclusive option for citizens as part of a future-proof digital identity solution.

Background to the briefing:

  • The European Commission has issued a Call for Proposals to EU Member States and stakeholders, aiming to identify a number of pilot projects for the planned EU Digital ID Wallet.
  • The EU Digital ID Wallet will allow EU citizens to opt in to a unified digital identification system, enabling them to securely share personal information in a range of scenarios, from accessing healthcare to hiring a car or renting a property.
  • It will be imperative that any EU Digital ID Wallet makes it easy for citizens to onboard and authenticate themselves. The verification and authentication process must be secure, convenient and inclusive to ensure maximum uptake. iProov’s eIDAS-certified face verification services enable organizations to enrol and authenticate users with the highest levels of security, usability and inclusivity.

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