Jun 21 2023 – Jun 21 2023

Location: Washington D.C., USA

As biometric technology continues to improve and take up increases, we need to discuss how the human and the machine can work in partnership to optimise synergy. A human-first approach is critical. The Biometrics Institute Three Laws of Biometrics with policy first followed by process and policy (the PPT) are an essential guide for all biometric implementations.

This event will provide an opportunity for our community to brainstorm what our world will look like in three, five and ten years’ time and how we need to be prepared for the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead to ensure the responsible, ethical and effective use of biometrics.

It will discuss current trends including those outlined in the Institute’s State of Biometrics Report. It will test ideas with the attendees and experts and leave you walk away inspired about what lies ahead and how we can shape the future.

It shall address:
• How will the technology evolve?
• How is the world changing and therefore what new use cases may we see?
• Will privacy still matter or how will people’s perceptions change?