iProov Face Verifier

iProov Face Verifier

iProov Face Verifier enables organizations to authenticate a user’s face against a pre-enrolled biometric template. Face Verifier uses iProov’s Genuine Presence Assurance® technology to confirm that the person is the right person, a real person and is authenticating right now. It can be used as a primary authentication type or as part of a multi-factor authentication or step up authentication.

  • Verify the identity of returning customers online
  • Reassure customers with secure authentication
  • Deliver a variety of authentication journeys
Onboarding with iProov Kiosk

Why you need Face Verifier

  1. Identity theft, account takeover and other online crimes are growing
  2. The use of deepfakes and other sophisticated online attack vectors are increasing
  3. Verifying identity of customers online is critical
  4. Customers want reassurance of online security
  5. Genuine Presence Assurance is the only way to verify that a user is the right person, real person, and authenticating right now
  6. iProov Face Verifier is the only authentication service that delivers Genuine Presence Assurance for maximum security and usability
iProov face verification on tablet

How Face Verifier works

  1. Returning user wants to access their account via mobile, computer, kiosk
  2. User iProovs with a brief, effortless facial scan
  3. Biometric is verified against a pre-enrolled ID
  4. Genuine presence assured? Access is granted
  5. Other authentications can be completed if required for multi-factor
iProov kiosk in bank reception

Face Verifier benefits

  1. Effortless user authentication experience
  2. Highly secure to protect against fraud
  3. Suitable for numerous authentication journeys
  4. Omnichannel user experience across devices and platforms
  5. Maximum inclusivity and accessibility
  6. Unrivalled spoof attack detection
  7. Active threat management with iSOC
  8. Rapid deployment
  9. Operational cost reduction
  10. Simplified operational management with one solution for different platforms

Secure Biometric Authentication With iProov

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iProov Face Verifier in action

iProov Face Verifier is used by banks, governments, health and travel providers, and social networks to ensure that users are who they say they are online.

iProov face verification on mobile

iProov Face Verifier infosheet

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