Since 2011, iProov has been developing visionary technology that is years ahead of its time. What started as a big idea of using light to authenticate genuine human presence online is now being used by banks, governments, travel firms, healthcare providers and social networks to verify customer identity.

iProov Tablet

Genuine Presence Assurance

iProov is the world-leader in Genuine Presence Assurance. Since 2012, we have been enabling organizations to assure the genuine presence of individuals online.

Basic Face Verifier

Liveness Assurance

iProov’s Liveness Assurance technology delivers all of the benefits that you find in other liveness detection solutions, with the added advantage of Genuine Presence Assurance for flexible security when you need it.

Onboarding with iProov face verification for banking


iProov makes it as simple as possible for partners and customers to integrate with iProov technology.

iProov face verification on mobile

Patented Concepts

iProov’s technology makes us entirely unique. Find out more about the concepts behind our user experience and security.

iProov kiosk in bank reception

Grants and Patents

iProov technology is unique and protected by 27 patents, which protect our methods for facial verification and anti-spoofing.

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