iProov face verification on tablet

Patented Concepts

iProov’s Genuine Presence Assurance® technology is completely unique. It solves a complex problem – how can we be sure that people online are who they say they are? – with a simple concept of using light to assure genuine human presence. Behind that simplicity lies a number of ideas that have been developed and patented since 2012.

iProov Face Verifier


Genuine Presence Assurance provides confirmation on three counts: right person, real person, right now? The third and most difficult of those is delivered by iProov’s Flashmark technology. Flashmark uses a structured illumination of colors to create a unique, one-time code to detect genuine presence. Once used, that code is worthless – it cannot be used in a replay attack. It also assumes that the device cannot be trusted – the process is assessed in the cloud so that it cannot be tampered with. This patented idea makes iProov completely unique.

iProov Enroller

Abstracted Image

The line drawing that a user sees when iProoving has been carefully designed to maximize completion rates. When users see a mirror image of their face, they delay the authentication process by adjusting their hair or making other changes that have no bearing on the verification. At the same time, 63% of people do not like how they look on mobile video – see our data on selfie anxiety. By abstracting the face as part of the process, iProov limits the risk of drop-off. We developed an outline of the user’s face using an edge detector. We then added the exact amount of shading to add depth, with fading to soften the edges, to produce a pleasing filter like those found on social media platforms.

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