March 23, 2022

Biometric Face Verification and Authentication Independently Certified to Europe’s Highest Standard

iProov, the world leader in face authentication technology, announced today that its biometric verification and authentication services have received eIDAS module certification as Qualified Trust Services, the highest level of assurance. This unique certification enables iProov to supply onboarding and authentication services to Qualified Trust Service Providers (QTSPs) throughout the European Union (EU) without complicated integration audits being required.

“For the first time, providers of Qualified Signatures can break free of video interviews,” said Andrew Bud, Founder and CEO of iProov. “That is the impact of the certification of our automated biometric verification services to QTSP standards. Our solution is faster, easier, more secure, and lower cost. eIDAS QTSP certification is the highest international bar for the technology and business systems of a biometric verification provider, so this certification gives confidence to identity providers worldwide that they can rely on iProov.”

eIDAS (Electronic Identification, Authentication and Trust Services) is an EU regulation that governs digital identity and trust services for electronic transactions throughout the region. Instead of relying on in-person interactions, or using postal or fax services, eIDAS seeks to enhance trust in electronic transactions by providing a common foundation for secure electronic interaction between citizens, businesses, and public authorities.

This latest certification of iProov technology enables organizations to implement biometric face verification as part of a trusted service, such as certificate issuance or e-signatures, without needing to fully re-audit their services. iProov services have been certified to meet the requirements of eIDAS articles 20 (1) and 24 (1) d and conform to ETSI EN 319 401 and 411-1/2 by independent auditors, TÜV TRUST IT, TÜV AUSTRIA Group. Under module certification, iProov’s technology will be independently and rigorously re-audited yearly to ensure conformance to the regulations.

Using iProov’s Dynamic Liveness®, for example, organizations can securely bind a user’s identity to a Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) using biometric face verification. The QES is validated and recognized as the legal equivalent to a handwritten signature and also provides a secure audit trail, providing immense convenience to the end user.

iProov technology is being used by itsme, providers of Belgium’s digital identity app, and by SK ID Solutions in Estonia’s state-certified digital identity solution, SmartID.

iProov eIDAS Module Cert