February 24, 2022

iProov has been recognized as the Gold Winner of Best Biometric Solution at the 2022 Cyber Security Global Excellence Awards for the second year running.

The award recognizes iProov’s work to make the world a safer place, by using biometric face authentication to verify that an online user is who they claim to be.

Previously, if an individual wanted to open a bank account, they would need to go into a branch with their ID. A staff member there would verify that the person present matched the photo on the ID and that they were indeed the person named on the passport or driver’s license.

iProov’s patented Dynamic Liveness technology enables banks, governments and other organizations to provide this service securely online, making it simple and convenient for the user. iProov technology verifies that an online individual using a mobile device or computer is the right person, a real person, and that they are authenticating right now.

During COVID, the need for online identity verification has soared. iProov has provided essential services, enabling governments, healthcare providers, banks, social networks and other organizations around the world to support their customers and citizens. In 2021, during a single 10-day period, iProov saw online verifications surpass the number achieved in the whole of 2020. More than 1 million verifications were processed in a single day several times throughout the year.

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What are the Cyber Security Global Excellence Awards?

Now in their 18th year, the Cyber Security Global Excellence Awards<\/a> are run by the Globee Business Awards to promote outstanding achievement in digital security and information technology across the world. In the Biometric Solution category, the judges look for advanced and ground-breaking products that are setting new standards in biometric technology.

iProov wins Best Biometric Solution