March 28, 2023

iProov, the world leader in face biometric verification and authentication technology, announced today that the U.S. Department Of Homeland Security (DHS) Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is using the iProov Biometric Solutions Suite Dynamic Liveness technology for secure border crossings.

CBP performs numerous duties at U.S. entry control points including crowd control, baggage and cargo inspection, traveler entry interviews, travel documentation review, and assisting international travelers. iProov is being used as part of an ongoing effort by the DHS to expand CBP’s automation capabilities for required DHS screening procedures, reducing the administrative burden on CBP frontline personnel, and enhancing the traveler experience. With iProov’s Dynamic Liveness technology, travelers can verify their identity alongside relevant documentation using their personal device in advance of arriving at the border of the United States. This information can then be used to remotely apply for travel authorization as well as to schedule an appointment at a port of entry to make an asylum claim.

“iProov is honored to be part of CBP’s strategic initiative to improve the security of U.S. borders while enhancing legitimate travel and trade,” said Andrew Bud, founder and CEO of iProov. “We have proven our ability to support key tenets of the program around inclusivity, user experience, and the unrivaled ability to assure that the person authenticating is a genuine person, present at the time of the identity verification. This combination of factors creates a seamless, easy-to-use process for approved travelers and an overwhelming obstacle for those who have not been authorized to enter the country.”

“We’re constantly looking to elevate DHS tools by incorporating innovative technologies into our existing infrastructure,” said Melissa Oh, S&T’s SVIP Managing Director. “The capabilities resulting from iProov’s Phase 5 award will optimize the U.S. entry process and support CBP in providing a superior experience for international travelers.” The award stems from an S&T Silicon Valley Innovation Program (SVIP) solicitation, seeking novel approaches to help CBP process international travelers at ports of entry.

“iProov has had an incredible experience working with industry visionaries at SVIP to support this CBP innovation initiative highlighted by President Biden in his January 5th speech,“ said Ajay Amlani, SVP head of Americas, iProov. “The use of iProov technology fortifies CBP’s efforts to securely increase the ease and efficiency for asylum seekers trying to gain lawful access to the U.S. undermining nefarious channels that can result in dire outcomes for vulnerable people including human trafficking and death.”

For more information on how iProov enables governments and enterprises worldwide to deliver secure user verification and authentication, please contact us or request a demo.

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