iProov today announces that it has successfully passed ISO/IEC 30107-3 conformance review to Level B against the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) standards for genuine presence assurance (also called ‘Presentation Attack Detection’ (PAD) or ‘liveness’). The review was undertaken by the UK national standards laboratory, the National Physical Laboratory (NPL). It is the UK counterpart of NIST.

NIST SOFA-B is a framework for assessing solutions against a range of spoof attacks, where Level A is the simplest and Level C is the most aggressive, sophisticated and expensive to mount. Different organizations have different approaches to testing. NPL and iProov have adopted statistical measures of performance based on large, real-world data sets. iProov did not only successfully pass Level A and Level B testing, but also many tests extending into level C, the first company to report doing so.

The successful review followed comparative testing of a number of PAD systems in 2017 by the US Department of Homeland Security, evaluating how such systems would perform in real-world scenarios. The testing was conducted in line with the NIST SOFA-B Level B framework and included replay attack testing. The DHS testing did not accomplish a single successful spoof against the iProov system in over 600 attacks. In April 2018 the US Department of Homeland Security announced it had awarded a contract to iProov for mobile face verification technology.

The NPL states: “NPL has reviewed the test methodologies, data sets, and results of iProov’s custom testing protocol for the performance of iProov technology.

The iProov methodologies conform with the international standards ISO/IEC 19795-1:2006 for testing biometric verification performance and ISO/IEC 30107-3:2017 for testing presentation attack detection.

Testing of PAD to Levels A and Levels B with numerous attacks extending into Level C has been reviewed.

The PAD performance results are by a large margin within the only thresholds specified by a recognized standard for certification, those of FIDO. In the opinion of the reviewer the error rates represent state of the art at Q4 2018 in Face Recognition PAD Detection.

Face verification performance is within the thresholds specified by FIDO and in NIST 800-63B.”

iProov’s patented Flashmark technology is the only solution in the world to defend against replay attacks as well as digital and physical forgeries, and has been adopted by many Governments and financial institutions. In November 2018 it was announced that iProov is being used by the UK Home Office.

Andrew Bud, Founder and CEO of iProov, said, “The long-standing, internationally-recognized expertise of the NIST and NPL in this field is unrivalled. We are delighted to have passed NPL’s review to achieve this level of conformance, which provides objective endorsement of our technology’s performance and its compliance with ISO/IEC 30107-3.”
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