Biometric Authentication for Identity Service Providers

The need for a robust and flexible digital security solution is more pressing than ever as traditional security methods have consistently demonstrated they are no longer fit for purpose. Passwords, PINs, and one-time passwords can leave systems and users vulnerable to hackers, fraudsters, and bad actors. According to ForgeRock, in the U.S. more than 11 billion consumer records have been exposed over the past three years. 

Many organizations in financial services, e-commerce, retail, travel and the public sector have turned to biometric authentication technology to boost security, enhance their services, and future-proof their systems. 

This guide explores the many advantages of biometric authentication and how it can meet the needs of modern identity service providers and their clients. 

What’s inside the guide:

  • Why traditional security methods are causing friction with users
  • How biometric authentication can drive high completion rates, protect against cybercrime, and deliver a positive user experience
  • How biometric authentication can future-proof infrastructure, reduce costs, and increase efficiency

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Biometric Authentication for Identity Service Providers